Thursday thoughts – I don’t exist, and I ate peameal bacon

According to Wikipedia, I don’t exist.

I checked. It literally says this. I typed my name into Wikipedia’s search window and nothing happened. Wiki, the source of so many plagiarized high school and college papers, does not recognize me. Huh.

I’m okay with that. Not existing means it’s quiet, and peaceful.

Unfortunately, that’s not exactly how I would describe my morning today. (Don’t worry I won’t bore you with details…) πŸ™‚


I’m currently shoving a BLT into my gullet. Make that a peameal bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich. Hah.

BLT with raclette cheese, and very little lettuce

I mentioned peameal bacon the other day and a bunch of you (all Americans) commented you had to google what it meant.

Seems in Maine they call it Canadian bacon.

Basically peameal bacon is thicker slices, kind of like ham. It is described as wet-cured, unsmoked back bacon, and used to be rolled in yellow split peas to lengthen its shelf life.

Today, the peameal bacon is simply rolled in ground yellow cornmeal.

peameal bacon aka Canadian bacon source: Wikipedia

Apparently, it was developed by an English man who came to Canada in 1854. You can read about its fascinating history here.

This is what the peameal bacon looked like after I cooked it in the microwave. Remember the not so quiet morning comment earlier in this post? I didn’t feel like getting out a frying pan, having more dishes to do, yada yada, so I put the bacon on a plate, zapped it in the mike, and put the dirty plate in the dishwasher.

cooked//fried peameal bacon slices

I feel better now. Breakfast was a little late for me today but I didn’t have time earlier, so now I will probably just skip lunch.

Happy it’s almost Friday. I’m exhausted and could use a nap (or caffeine) but first, I have to chauffeur a kid someplace.


15 thoughts on “Thursday thoughts – I don’t exist, and I ate peameal bacon

  1. I hadn’t heard of peameal bacon before either. But all bacon is good πŸ˜€

    According to Wikipedia, I was one of the leading British climbers of the 1980s and 1990s. They got my nationality right… πŸ˜‰

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  2. It’s not only known as Canadian bacon in Maine. It’s been called that everywhere I’ve lived in the U.S. My go-to breakfast sandwich meat filling!

    We’re having BLTs for dinner tonight, but no peameal bacon for us. Just bacon bacon. What do you silly Canadians call that?

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