Wednesday thoughts – blog and book link love

I am in a good mood for once. A great mood. Can you believe it? (I hope it lasts.)

So I’m going to share the joy with some ❤ link love ❤ today. But first?

Tucker is 13 weeks today and he insists on morning snuggles.
Trust me he is not as innocent as he looks… 🙂

He wanted to snuggle. I didn’t want him to pee on the couch so I sat on the floor with him in the hallway with the baby gate preventing him from having the run of the house. Then, when he settled down, I took a sip of my coffee. He immediately took a sip too (more like a lick). Which doesn’t horrify me as much as it should, but the fact that he wants caffeine, which is the last thing he needs, is not a particularly pleasant thought… 🙄

Never mind. On we go to the linky love.

Here are some blogs I want to mention.

Ashley has this wonderful blog that addresses anxiety and depression. She has this page that links fellow bloggers. Have a look! She calls it The Emerging Blogger Series.

Side note: She has guinea pigs. She called them poop machines in a comment somewhere…hey Ashley, our pigs are the same! I thought we had weird rodents but it appears not…so much poop! 😉

I recently connected with a blogger called Morning Mom named Alex. She says on her homepage “every morning is a new day”. Good advice, if you ask me. I enjoy reading her posts which are unique and different. For instance, she wrote about the universe and…bugs. Yep. Bugs. 😛

Holly is new to my blog and I enjoy chatting with her in the comments. Like many of you, she writes (and writes and writes). She tells us all about her writing experiences, offers support, enlightens us with her querying journey, and more.

Teresa is a published author who follows and reads me! She has published ten novels and a collection of other things, and she’s on my list of people to buy books from (like Mark, K E Garland and Lynn Jatania whose books I’ve already purchased).

Teresa is an inspiration and those of us who are aspiring to getting ourselves out there and published will gain new perspectives reading her. Look at this title: Death comes through the kitchen (awesome title). Can’t wait to get this one bought and started… ❤

Anyway, I’ll keep this short as I have stuff going on here with grandmothers and puppies and guinea pigs and the sun is shining and kids are supposed to be schooling but there is no work for them to be done so…off I go.

Enjoy your Wednesday.

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