Monday thoughts

I came home to a stressed out tween girl when I got back from shopping for the impending Apocalypse.2 today.

She got locked out of her online school portal and none of any of her assigned numbers or emails worked.

I said:


She couldn’t.

“School starts tomorrow and I can’t even log on!” she cried.

She signed up for virtual school and they’re delayed. It was supposed to start last week Thursday.

No amount of assuring her that it wasn’t just her calmed her.

So I went to the school board website.

I clicked 17 times and read 17,000 redundant words but there was no new information.

By now it was 1 pm. School is to start tomorrow at 9 am.

Or maybe not. πŸ™„

I realize this is a bit unprecedented and they had an increase of 4000 students switching to online learning in the past 3 weeks so another delay is not really unexpected.

They’re trying to get it all sorted.

What I don’t understand is why they can’t put a short sentence on their website alerting parents and students that they reset passwords and everyone is locked out, and to wait for someone to contact them. You know, so students aren’t freaking out that it’s just them who are affected.

They’re all affected. All 72,000 students who opted for virtual school.

Instead, there is no updated information at all on the website and even twitter didn’t say anything useful.

Until a journalist at a local news station sent out a complaint on twitter.

If you read through a few of the replies of other parents sharing their commentary you can see a small update from the school board saying they’re working on it.

It was buried 15 comments deep.


sorry didn’t mean to yell at you…

Most people check websites first before calling or going to social media. It just makes too much sense to me.

Anyway I redirected the girl child here to chill out and we took Tucker, our 12 week old puppy, for a fantastic walk down to the lake.

All three beaches were cleaned up of the smelly algae and the entire park was deserted.

I kicked myself for forgetting my phone. The colours were so bold and vivid in the bright sunshine…next time I’ll snap some photos for you.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go hide all the snacks I bought for the second wave quarantine fiasco about to descend on us (I hope not), otherwise they’ll disappear before the end of the week because #teenagers. 😎

Hello Monday! Let’s hope we hear from someone about school tomorrow. SIX months of pandemic vacation is enough time off for my tween girl.


14 thoughts on “Monday thoughts

  1. Communication is so vital when there’s an issue like this. It never ceases to amaze me that so many people fail so badly at it.

    From the point of view of an IT guy, a short website update or a mass email avoids so many phone calls and emails that it really should be the first thing anyone does.

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