Sunday thoughts

Every once in a while I cook an elaborate breakfast. Today, it was French toast. With the last loaf of bread, almost no maple syrup, but plenty of cinnamon and a tiny sprinkle of sugar. And some peameal bacon ha.

I don’t really enjoy the role of housewife anymore. But this is where I am and what I’m doing for now so I may as well plug along and Just Do It, as Nike has been preaching to use since they invented this phrase. (And it’s the best phrase ever, isn’t it!)

I’ve been doing other things too. Not write romantic stories with adult content unfortunately, because I do need time, quiet, and no interruptions for that to happen, which is a foreign concept to the inmates residents in this household…

I digress.

Don’t worry, they’re coming… I have some that just need a bit of tweaking. πŸ™‚

I’m calling the members of this household inmates in good fun, namely because the politicians are continuously punishing everyone who isn’t being a covidiot in order to ‘flatten the curve’ or whateverthefuck they’re calling it these days.

The curve in Toronto and surrounding area is spiking again. Not all, in fact, not even most of the confirmed cases are coming from schools which only just began very recently. My son’s high school started with half day in classes on Thursday and alternating the cohorts – his first day was virtual and his second day, Friday, was in class.

On Saturday we got the first letter from the school – a confirmed case from a Thursday class has already impacted a classroom (not my son’s).

And so it begins…

Anyway, I am anxiously not looking forward to winter. More indoor activity and more threats by politicians to keep the gatherings small blah blah blah. We do it all – we follow protocol, we stick to those within our bubble, we wear masks, we wash hands and all the rest of it. No one I know is sick or, if they are and test, they end up negative.

It’s all good.

But it’s not all good. Because we continue to be forced back indoors and I’m sick of this house, this family, everything. I mean, I love them dearly but ugh…can we have some space from each other?


All this has caused me to start the decluttering process in earnest. Here’s proof:

Instead of dealing with a garage sale which no one is offering to host on our driveway (because that would mean they would have to do the work of selecting what to sell, and invite arguments with me because I think we should get rid of 77% of all contents in this house and they think it’s more like 7%), I decided to just start giving stuff away for free.

Children’s books for instance.

We live in neighbourhood full of kids. Our street is on the foot path of a major park with pebble beaches, bike trails, playgrounds, small forests and fields, and so many people are walking by our house regularly to get to the park’s entrance. Especially on summery weekends.

The picture above shows this morning’s load I put out. I had other stuff out yesterday as well (Saturday) and about half was gone by evening.

Here’s a close up of the note I put on the lid of the bin:

It seems to be working.

My aim is to go through my daughter’s knicknacks when she’s busy with virtual school and get rid of some of that stuff as well. We really REALLY need to reduce the amount of stuff in this house. No time like the present.

There are other, more precious items we have piled along a wall in the basement that my partner is listing on Kijiji. He’s having quite a bit of luck getting rid of some of it, but I have limits as to how long we can wait. Some things, like a juicer he bought and used maybe 3 times, is still sitting there in the original box, and it’s been about 2 years since he tried to get rid of it.

Anyway, that’s what’s happening here. My daughter has not yet started school (grade 8 virtual) but my son is busy with two subjects for the first quadmester and so far, things are good (enough). Even the college classes my partner is teaching (Aeronautics and Computer Applications) are going well despite some of the foreign students being stuck in places like Africa or Hong Kong. They are logging on at 3 am their time to participate in class… talk about a new normal.

And so we begin the trek toward the first winter season of coronavirus. Who knows what’s next.

All I know is I’m looking forward to January. That is my self-imposed deadline to begin my life as an individual again, hoping that the puppy will finally be house-trained, and the kids well integrated into their new routine. Once that happens, I’ll be able to return to my mom’s for extended stints of writing in peace, with or without child or dog.

Until then…I’m here housewifing I guess.


21 thoughts on “Sunday thoughts

  1. “Just do it” is great. I would also give kudos to GE (“We bring good things to life”), Frosted Flakes (“They’re grrrrreat!”), KFC (“Finger lickin’ good), and Coke (“It’s the real thing”). Best of all time, though? Nike’s rival Adidas: “Impossible is nothing.” Love it!

    Glad I wasn’t the only one so confused over peameal bacon.

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  2. I had to look up peameal bacon as well. I was quite ready to give you what for thinking it was some kind of vegan monstrosity, but now that I know…. carry on.
    As for housework I’m over it as well. With the husband home teleworking and under my feet 24/7 it’s non stop cleaning and cooking. Do not get me started on how many dishes I’ve washed since Covid reared it’s ugly head.

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  3. You have a plan, that’s good. We’ll all hold you to it! It’s amazing how just putting a “free” sign on something helps it to disappear. I’ve always had great luck doing that and I love that you’re doing this with kids books to start. I have moments when I’m so over Covid in general but then I realize that I’m not living that much differently now than pre-virus, other than working 5 days per week– I would be batsh*t crazy though if I wasn’t single. Being trapped with those you love for too long is just too hard…

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  4. Oh I’m so over housework stuff too! If I’m being really selfish I’d like to move out and leave them all to it and please myself! πŸ˜‚ Love your idea for getting rid of stuff too. I have given a few things away over this summer on Facebook groups but I could do with getting shot of a load more. πŸ™‚

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  5. Hang in there, so far my son has gone to school but in Ottawa a few of them have shut down. I’m dreading when that happens. I hope it goes smoothly for you and you get back to yourself. I also hope the schools stay open for you and your family. FYI that breakfast looks amazing!

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      1. He’s four, so if the school does close for 14 days at least he’s not missing out that much! Not like you and your family where it’s just a range and there’s so much. I admire your tenacity. I hope no one steals your bin either! LOL

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  6. We’re seeing spikes in the Covid curve as well. One of the classes in the eldest boy’s school had an infection — he had to go in an hour later so that all of the students in the affected class could be tested. I think he quite enjoyed an extra hour in bed.

    Hang in there… January is only a few months away.

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