In keeping with this morning’s trend, I hereby populate WordPress with more of my happiness. šŸ˜¶

I’ll tell you what makes me happy:

Clicking unsubscribe on the masses of useless emails coming into my inbox.

Email will be the death of me.

Not your personal ones, I like those, only all the friggen advertising ones for grocery stores, drug stores, pet supply stores and every other venue that sells stuff.

Also while I’m complaining about email can I have less trolls and spam, too? Please?

Like the one from the dude in Sweden who wants me to pray for some girl he’s never met but who will be married off to a god fearing man, or so he was told in a dream by god or something… Apparently he now needs my help praying for this girl. (I don’t know…)

delete delete delete

What else makes me happy?

Carbs make me (initially) happy, right before they make me miserable. šŸ™„ Even though they make my stomach hurt I still enjoy a brief time of happy. I don’t care, they tasted good today and maybe I’ll go to bed at 8 pm tonight to sleep off the carb coma.

Another thing that makes me happy is sleep. Uninterrupted is best. Can I have that?

Maybe if I do this first (replace child with puppy):

Parenting seemed a lot easier in 1969…šŸ˜„

And then there’s shoes. Shoes make me happy. I wore my new Clarks today…sadly only to the grocery store. No one wanted to whisk me away anyplace more exciting than that. Like to some little bakery for organic coffee, or a sushi place for lunch. For instance.

Note: any other place is more exciting than a grocery store.

Now, how close to wine time are we?


Wine makes me happy.