Dramatic drama brought to you by puppy poop

Here’s the (not so) short version of what consumes my life at the moment:

Tucker at 10 weeks.



I slipped on the wet back porch, fell and landed in puppy poop this morning. He pooped on the deck, not on the grass. The deck is raised. We have to go down five steps to reach the lawn.

The maniac puppy can do this, navigate the steps. He does this every day a million times. IT’S NOT THE END OF THE FRICKIN’ WORLD.

Anyway. Blah. The deck being wet caused the slippery conditions. I will need to get a mat for that spot by the door I think.

I had to change out of my nighty because I was now covered in poop, throw on another one, hose down my new slippers (which were also full of poop) with the handheld shower-head in the bathtub all while the stupid little pup whined and jumped on me and freaked out.

I had not even made coffee yet. It was…6 am-ish.

I yelled a little and my partner got out of bed to assist. He was up with him twice last night as well…

The book says at 12 weeks puppies have better bladder and digestive control.

Two more weeks to go…I’m going to cut him off water as well past a certain time I think. His last meal is at 6 pm…if he walks again after that, which he normally does, I’ll allow him to drink a bit after but no later than 9 pm and then he’ll just have to figure it out.

Cleaning up pee is not nearly as dramatic as cleaning up poop. Plus, he likes to sample poop. (UGH and YUCK).

I know that this is just a fleeting moment in time, and I should enjoy the journey blah blah blah but I’m having a bad morning so let me get it out here.

I’m not into it. I was hesitant even before it started, as I’m sure you’ll remember reading…

Seems like everyone wants a piece of me and now, there’s an innocent puppy who wants some, too. Blah.

And before you ask, the kids were sleeping in their basement rooms and ignoring my yelling. Guess who will not be making the requested bacon and eggs for breakfast this morning? Or, if I want to eat bacon and eggs later, I may make MYSELF some and they can have cold cereal.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone is pitching in during the day. Thing is, puppy-hood is a 24/7 full-time job, not a part-time gig. I will have to reiterate this with them again because…I was the least enthusiastic about getting a puppy and yet I do the brunt of the work.


Anyway it’s Labour Day Monday, a statutory holiday in Canada. Here he is all lovey-duddy on my fresh nighty. He better not pee on me…

Tucker aka Poop Machine on my lap in my fresh nighty. He better not pee on me.

Anyone want to whisk me away from all this? A weekend maybe? You’ll get to spoil me to your heart’s content…😮😊

I’m off to go fry myself some bacon. Because bacon, and coffee, will solve my problems at least temporarily. Besides, Tucker’s 12 year old love interest aka girl child is on puppy duty now…which is why I was able to type these words. 💓

17 thoughts on “Dramatic drama brought to you by puppy poop

  1. I’m so sorry, but I giggled a little bit reading this. I apologize profusely! Certainly not a great start to anybody’s day… But think of it this way, you could have a pile of poop actually in a position to be “in charge’ of your country like we do south of the “sanity border”. Oh God – now I’m really depressed. That’s what I get for giggling….

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