A wonderful afternoon and evening (for a change)

Last night I had a beer. 🍺

I had spent all afternoon tending to yard work in the front after schlepping soil and mulch home from Canadian Tire.

Here’s proof:

Dirty knees, not bruised. 🙂

It was therapeutic, to do some gardening in this perfect weather we’re having. But manual labour is physical work and I craved a nice beer with the burgers they picked up from the Greek place down the road, and boy…that was nice. 😉

I’m not usually a beer drinker but this brand is lovely.

Anyway it’s the next morning and I’m back in my usual spot on my porch with the little whimpering maniac puppy on my lap.

Finally some quiet…

When he wants snuggles he wants them now. 🙄

How come I can’t get the same instant gratification? Maybe I’m not whimpering loud enough… 😳


The gardening yesterday was of course not a smooth and peaceful activity, because… kids and puppy. 😐 This is a given and probably a fleeting moment in time…soon they will flock the nest.

Or not. Because #covid. 😵

I know my mom would probably welcome some of this busy diversion right now. Her house and yard are void of noise and chaos…it makes me force my brain into the present tense when I feel over-stimulated. I know personally, and through the blog, many lonely people who would appreciate some of these familial, noisy distractions.

Funny how they, and I, are at opposite sides of the spectrum at times.

(Come to my house; I’ll switch with you for a day, or weekend.) 🙃

For me, it’s about balance. Equilibrium. I need both: noise and chaos, then peace and solitude.

Anyone know the magic formula? Pass it on, please and thank you. 😛

Anyway. That’s not what I was going to blab about.

While I was outside the kids appeared one by one, carrying a just woken up pup.

They tied him to the birch tree where he could be stimulated by unfamiliar activities and noises, which went well until my partner brought out first the circular saw to chop up some wood, then the chain saw to cut off a couple of branches on the birch tree.

Puppy did not like those loud sounds. 😐

My son and I accidentally broke a branch we were trying to trim away from the roof. He was pulling it down and I was snipping. We damaged it.

But it’s all fixed now. Looks better too, airier. More afternoon sun will filter through to the garden below.

After a while, Tucker’s feline friend Busty showed up. She’s been a regular visitor for our guinea pigs, and now she’s even more fascinated by the latest addition.

Felines and canines…plus some humans.

They caused some trouble together which required close supervision and a halt in the chores.

At least one of them will need a bath later…

But we got our work accomplished, no one was maimed or hurt, and then…🍺.


But that’s not where my evening ended.

Just as I poured the last of the tallboy into my glass, I got a text from a friend. She and her daughter were heading down to our neighbourhood for a walk by the water, would we like to join up with them?

The girl and my daughter play on the same team sports and practically grew up together. We hadn’t seen them since March when the lock-downs happened…

I said yes and then glared at my glass and the empty beer can.

“You will make me pee at inopportune moments,” I chided them.

Then I solved my problem because I am nothing if not innovative when it comes to bladder control. 🙃 I called the girl off her screens to get ready, and then I got my bike out of the garage.

My daughter looked perplexed. I explained:

“If I have to pee I can just ride home quickly and come right back.” 🙄 #MidlifeMomProblems

Well it was a wonderful evening!

Lake Ontario sun set.
Marina bay with sunset.
More sunset.

It’s so nice to be around people again… 🙂

They came back to our place for a continuation of our conversations, and then everyone settled down for the evening. With all the activities going on all day, we hoped for a relaxing night with the pup. He had experienced a lot of new activities, met new people, and walked more than usual…so theoretically he should have been exhausted. And sleep for a long time.


That did not happen.

Which is why, I am now going to pop some Advil and make myself a 3rd coffee.

Happy Long Weekend! See you in the comments.

24 thoughts on “A wonderful afternoon and evening (for a change)

  1. I do like spending time in the garden — especially when the weather is nice. There is something relaxing about doing physical work outside.

    Not this weekend, though. It’s the opening weekend for the local youth club, which means that I am going to have to spend another afternoon drinking beer in the sun with other parents. It’s a hard life 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The prison is maybe a 5 minute drive. Our neighbourhood is south of a main artery that used to be the main highway back in the days of horse and carriage. Today it’s still a main road but not a highway. We walk to shops and cafes along there now… The prison can’t be seen from my house. And it’s a holding center I think, a place where people go to await trial… I don’t know.


      1. Oh, Ok. You know we can sometimes hear helicopters for hospitals, etc. as we are near a busy area but the holding center is far away from here. I thought perhaps there was a secret to rehabilitation and it involved you or the people in the area.

        Liked by 1 person

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