Mundane and routine

There is something wrong with the electric kettle. When I flick the switch to turn it on, it starts making a banging noise.


Don’t ask me.

Doesn’t seem to be bothering anyone else, even at 6 am when I’m up making coffee in my french press, so I guess it doesn’t bother me either.

Unless it explodes. Then I’ll have a mess to clean up. 😢

Yesterday a plumber came over to look at our kitchen tap and the downstairs toilet.

The tap was down to a trickle of flow which is annoying anytime you turn on the water. Takes forever to fill kettles and pasta pots.

My partner thought it had to do with the water pressure, which may have been affected when we replaced the water heater a number of years ago. But that didn’t explain why the shower and bathroom tap were unaffected.

I suspected the pipe in the kitchen had calcium deposits or other crud blocking part of the pipe making the hole smaller which in turn allowed less water to pass through.

Turns out that’s exactly what it was. The plumber took a small dime-shaped piece out of the faucet head and showed us all the deposits clogging it up.

So that’s fixed. It takes 10 seconds to fill the kettle now, instead of 10 minutes. πŸŽ‰

While he was here, he looked at the toilet and determined it was set on low flow. Changing it to high flow stopped it from flushing so sluggishly and that was that.

See how exciting my life is?

I neglected to mention I wasn’t home when the plumber showed up. I was attempting to walk puppy as I do every morning. It started to rain while we were out so by the time we got home, the plumber and his apprentice got to meet a wet and frizzy-haired chick with a mischievous, also wet puppy.


Today mom is visiting us instead of me going to her. It’ll do her good to get out of the house and interact with grandchildren and granddog.

Speaking of dog, he keeps getting up from his bed to come lie on me. He likes snuggles. 😍

So off to start another mundane, routine day. Yippie do.

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