20 minutes

Yesterday I had 20 minutes to myself. The entire day. Which began at 5 am.

I’m always up early. Mornings are my quiet time to write, or read. Except not now, because…puppy.

Me and 9 week old poop machine.

20 minutes may seem a long time to, say, babies, toddlers, young children, puppies…They can cause all kinds of shenanigans during an unsupervised 20 minute period.

Don’t trust his face. TRUST ME.

20 minutes may also seem a long time to moms and dads when they finally get to sit down and do something. Or not do something. πŸ™„

Think of all the things you can accomplish in 20 minutes! Technically speaking, that is. I mean, if you’re efficient and working with a full capacity brain in your head.

Alas, I did nothing I wanted. Like, write a blog post. Or edit a thing. Or create a new story, or chapter for my WIP. Or respond to an editor job request.

I couldn’t even muster up a tweet. 😭

Think about this. 20 minutes is plenty of time to craft a stupid, 280 character tweet.

Like this one which I posted this morning:

What I did do during those 20 minutes while puppy was napping in his crate and everyone else was MIA was answer the second request from the school board to register the kids for the upcoming delayed school year. School was supposed to start on September 8, but it’s now delayed to September 15. They need more time to prepare…

The email was a survey about intent. Did the kids want to stay home or go to school?

The answer for the younger kid remains the same as before. For her, the only options are:

  1. going to school 5 days a week and wear a mask, or
  2. stay home and do virtual remote learning full-time

She doesn’t want to wear a mask and sit isolated from her friends for 6 hours a day so she’s going to do remote virtual learning from home. (And watch the puppy. Ha.)

For the highschooler though, they offer this:

  1. attend class at school every other day, come home at lunch, do virtual learning in the afternoon, or
  2. stay home and do virtual remote learning full-time

The teen decided he would like to change his answer from the first time they asked. Initially he wanted to stay home full-time; now he wants to go to school every other day until lunch.

So I used my 20 minutes of free time to submit the answers for a second time, hoping it was the last time they ask.

Next, I wanted to find out what the protocol is if a kid in his class gets infected with covid.

I wanted a simple, straight forward answer, or maybe a flowchart, you know? Something easy and quick to follow.

There is no such thing. 😐

So then I went to facebook and asked if anyone has a link they can provide emphasizing that I wanted a short answer.

I got an answer. A pilot friend of mine sent a link. I clicked on it and…it loaded an 18 page pdf from the provincial government. πŸ™„


Anyway, whatever. We’ll do whatever the school tells us and whatever happens, happens. If we have to quarantine, I guess we’ll go back into lock-down.

Note to self: get more toilet paper. We’re down to the last 16 rolls. 😯

My point is, my 20 minutes of puppy-sleeping-no-one-else-around break took up all my so-called free time. I didn’t read blogs, or write a post, I didn’t open my fiction, or clean the house, or fold the laundry or cook food.

I sat on the couch and dealt with school covid emails. BLAH.

While I was sitting I saw, from my vantage point, a strange looking dust bunny under the dining room table. (We live in an open concept house.) Upon closer inspection, I discovered it was not a dust bunny. It was puppy poop. πŸ’©

Same exact location where he pooped earlier. Even though I cleaned it and used the specialized spray that is supposed to break down the bacteria and remove the scent.

How did I miss this? Isn’t anyone else watching that poochie? Why not?

I think maybe I’ll rename him PoopMachine and forget about Tucker.

Yes he’s cute. No that’s no excuse for pooping in the house.

Anyway, I’m resigned. I don’t know what’s next, only that it will take a lot of extra energy to get puppy housebroken. Once my daughter is back from her trip (which was pre-arranged before puppy was a confirmation), she will have her hands full.

The next wrinkle we get to deal with is hockey. Apparently, a schedule has been released for practices and that will be a whole other post for another day.

Sadly, my trips to my mom’s house are temporarily delayed. But fear not, I will return there and regain my sanity soon. I just want to focus on getting the dog housebroken first.

La di da.

So, I bet you want to know how I managed to write this post.

I wrote a paragraph here, and there, throughout the morning. Because of weather, my partner’s flight this morning was canceled (he’s teaching pilots to become flight instructors in a Cessna 172)…so I pawned the puppy off on him after I came back from a walk. πŸ™‚

That’s how.

Happy Thursday. See you in the comments.

38 thoughts on “20 minutes

  1. I remember the joys of house-training. I’m not going through that again — it’s a rescue dog or nothing for us. Currently nothing.

    Schools are re-opening on Tuesday here for everyone with everyone going back for the full five days. I have to admit that I’m quite looking forward to a bit of peace.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’d love to have a dog. But I don’t want to go through the house training. My elderly cat pukes all over the place at random. I don’t need additional bodily emissions in the house. But, that puppy sure is cute.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Why do governments and school boards need to write so many words? Ugh. No one has time, or the desire, to read all the fluff, the liabilities, the repetition, bla bla bla. Just give it to us straight with as few words as possible…


      Liked by 1 person

      1. Try reading notes for taking a recertification credit for teaching in the public schools. As a teacher, I need to recertify and keep current which means testing and more tests. It is very challenging but I passed all of them for now until I retire. Wording is very challenging on these documents.


      2. You might have with the technical terms for ese as it is very specialized. All teachers in our state must take the exam to re-certify but the reality and the book part are very different so you have to consider each answer.


    1. Yes I lectured the menfolk this morning. They agree with what I’m saying but then, did it sink in? Time will tell. (I may escape more often for extended trips to, oh, I don’t care, malls or something…just to teach them how MUCH work that little poop machine is).

      There’s a nice sushi place for take-out not far from here. I may just treat myself to an extended lunch at a park. πŸ™‚


  3. As much as I love snuggly little puppies, I’m over the whole house breaking thing. It’s constant vigilance and 600 trips outside every day just in case.
    But, oh….he really is darling. And be thankful fir the little things, like the fact he pooped under something instead of on the couch cushion.
    ( I’ll run away now. )

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