Weekend adventures

This morning I got kicked out of the bedroom at 6.

“Go sit in the kitchen,” he said.

I was disturbing him with a slight cough.

It’s not covid πŸ™„ just a tickle in my throat. But apparently his beauty rest is more important than my health…or my beauty rest. πŸ™ƒ

Anyway I’m sitting on my SIL’s sofa with this guy keeping me company.

I’m thinking I might make my way over to the kitchen and get the Keurig going.

We’re in the County (Prince Edward County). I came along for the change of scenery and because we’re not camping but living with family (his sister and husband plus two giant Shepherds), in a house with mosquito netting on windows and a/c, for a couple of days. (Camping = too many bugs)

Their home is near the city of Kingston, which is also where the Beagle breeder is. Because apparently we are bringing home a little boy puppy on Sunday. 😯

This puppy situation has been a whole thing. I didn’t even know if was going to happen at all, as the Beagle bitch he put a deposit toward never got pregnant…but there was another litter with a different Beagle bitch and now there are several boy dogs still available.

(Help me.) πŸ™ƒ

Here’s my issue:

On the one hand, yes a dog will be nice to break the autonomy of covid life. Yes, puppies provide endless entertainment. Yes, dogs love me, and I love them.


I’m just a little ambiguous to add yet another element into my life I will most likely be in charge of.

I feel like stepping back, not acquiring more responsibilities.

I want less, not more, so I can focus and redirect my life to suit my needs for a change. Parenting and spousing is all-consuming work and my own interests have taken a backseat for some time. Now midlife has arrived and I suddenly noticed all this untapped energy within me that has nothing to do with family…I want to explore and discover what that’s all about.

Only now, puppy.

But it’s all good (I guess…). Covid changed everything and I am capable to adapt to new circumstances once again.

If nothing else, there will be plenty of blog fodder for you. πŸ˜›

But that’s not really what I wanted to talk about.

On the way to the County on Friday, we stopped off at another family’s place first to pick up dog gear. Their puppy outgrew the travel cage and harness so it’s coming to us next.

It was a miracle we managed to leave at all, truth be told. Because first, we had car trouble. But I won’t bore you with stories about refurbished compressors that didn’t fit and extra driving to get the correct part…anyway, our mechanic is a superhero and sent us off with a beautifully functioning car that had working air conditioning so…all worked out in the end. Made it prior to cottage country traffic clogging the highways. πŸ˜€

Today we are heading to the beach. I will try on my bikini and hope it fits, eat too much picnic food as one does when vacationing, come back to have dinner and wine and hang some more with these two:

Winston is the smaller one, Patton the majestic one.

26 thoughts on “Weekend adventures

  1. I want to comment on so many things in this post but I keep tripping over the word bikini.

    All in all, sounds like a pretty decent weekend (aside from getting kicked out of bed early…that’s just rude).

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    1. Hey the bikini fit and I walked for 40 min along shallow warm lake water without a thought of covering up. That is very unusual for me but quite liberating. πŸ™‚

      The beach was like a Caribbean beach. Sand and warm water and everyone was social distancing and not being assholes…it was a really nice outing. I’m glad I went along.

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  2. Those are magnificent dogs. I used to have a German Shepherd — they really are great animals to have around.

    Enjoy the beach and don’t forget to take plenty of photos πŸ˜‰

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  3. Good picture of both as they both seem to be looking the same way as if they are well trained. Can you train your significant other and children to take care of the dog? avwalters had some interesting and relevant thoughts as a dog required you to get outside more.

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    1. The family is well versed in dog ownership, training etc. We had a dog for 10 years who had emotional and psychological issues.

      The point is the expectations…that I’ll always be in the background orchestrating. I’m not sure I want that role.

      We will find a way. I will find a way.


      1. Well, let your significant other orchestrate. There, that is done and then go find something you like to do outside of the house like meet a friend for a walk and coffee or a part time job. That way you are not attached to the computer and the kids.

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      2. I have plans…and knowing myself, the puppy will provide plenty of distractions and learning opportunities for them when I am not around. πŸ™‚

        (Plus I will enjoy him too, I do love dogs).

        Somehow it will work out.

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      3. Good for you. I was reading some of my and husband’s old posts about wordpress. To some bloggers, you did talk a lot. I guess it just depends on your needs. I know you will find what you are looking for. Your area of Canada is so interesting. Good luck.

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  4. “On the one hand, yes a dog will be nice to break the autonomy of covid life. Yes, puppies provide endless entertainment. Yes, dogs love me, and I love them.I’m just a little ambiguous to add yet another element into my life I will most likely be in charge of.”

    Remove the words “dog, puppy” and replace with “Child, baby” and you could have asked the same exact questions all those years ago….

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  5. Good News/Bad News. You love dogs. Potentially, your kids will step up to the plate in dog care–an important step in being a responsible person. (Yeah right, kids and owning responsibilities…they’re there for the cute part and not so much the care and training part.) So, the good news is that you’ll get to train him into being a good, well behaved companion…for you. Because a dog is a more than a decade gig, and both your kids will be up and gone, long before the dog is. But, since you love dogs, they have many great features. They will force you to get out to walk, breathe and get out of your head. They give you very little back talk. They adore you, no matter what. They don’t mind at all if you talk to yourself (mid-life running narrative) they actually like it. They own very little, so picking up after them is, at best, a minor chore. Unless you go crazy over it, you don’t need to cook for them–just open the bag and pour. Having a dog (or a cat) helps when empty nest stuff kicks in. They sense your moods, and provide comfort and support when appropriate. In the end, you’ll outlive them, and it will break your heart–but not without having first filled it to the brim with loving.
    Beyond that, I don’t know. After all, I am allergic to dogs, and am a devoted life-long cat person.

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    1. My daughter will step up 100%. I’ve observed her in the past with animals and I’m not worried.

      But she is a child and will require support and guidance. This is not an issue in theory. It is time consuming though…if you plan on doing it right. And I do and will… (Sigh)

      It is simply not something that I really want to happen in this house and/or during some other circumstances going on…

      I will adapt. I always do. And my girl is over the moon. I can’t take that away from her.

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