Wearing many hats

I have some news:

I can now add hairdresser to my repertoire of skills and talent. πŸ™ƒ

Yes, various localities in the Greater Toronto Area have opened salons and beauty parlors, to degrees, but there are restrictions and appointments and lineups…

Seems some people just aren’t into it. Me included. I will most likely look like a dark haired Rapunzel (with blond streaks!) by the end of the year because I haven’t set foot in a salon since March. (There’s a recent picture of me on my actual blog website, in the margin, or you can go to the 2-minute video if my hair interests you.)


A neighbour of my mom’s demanded to know why, if mom isn’t going to the salon, her hair looks so good.

“My daughter gave me a trim,” mom emailed back.

That would be me. πŸ™„

I also gave my dad a cut a month before he died and I snip the kids when necessary, although the teen prefers going to the barber now.

Well, the neighbour, also a widow and long time resident of this street where my mom lives, was impressed.

“Can she cut my hair,” she wanted to know.

I just stared.

“She’ll pay you,” mom said to me which I thought was ridiculous. I don’t need payment to help someone out…

So I went. 😳 I crossed the street with scissors and a comb and knocked on her door.

It was a simple cut, straight across the back. We did it in her kitchen and had a chat at the same time.

When I was done, I crossed the street back home again and hoped it didn’t turn out crooked…I did offer to fix it if there was an issue but so far I hadn’t heard any complaints.

Instead, she came by later to give us cucumbers and tomatoes from her garden. 😊

That was yesterday.

Today is Monday and I’m still at mom’s. For how long?

It depends on when the compressor arrives to fix my car. At which point I will have to drop it at the shop. I may once again be car-less, for a day or so.

Maybe I’ll stick my bike in the trunk (it’s a wagon) and cycle home from the mechanics on that day. It would be a nice, 30 minute ride along the Lakeshore. πŸ˜ƒπŸš²

BTW, remember the stripclub post? Turns out there was one in downtown Toronto that made the news after they opened their doors recenlty. A waitress tested positive a few days later, and she had, over the course of several shifts, contact with at least 500 patrons. Toronto is anticipating yet another spike to show up on the curve in a couple of weeks and are scrambling to use the contact information to trace people – surprise, surprise, a lot of the names are fake… πŸ˜‚

I feel bad for the staff. Honestly, people are just trying to get their jobs back…

Let it be over soon. I myself am climbing the walls, too, at times.

Happy Monday!

10 thoughts on “Wearing many hats

  1. I am impressed with the hair cutting! Good for you! I am not sure I could cut a straight line so I’m in awe! Sorry about the car situation…hope it’s fixed soon! Thanks for stopping try to let me know how things are there in Toronto…we all need to stay safe and keep in touch! Well not so in touch as the strip club scenario….ugh…

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  2. I laughed at the scene: you with the scissors and the comb as she knocks on that lady’s door. I can imagine your face of: hands at work.


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