Bullet points

♠ I have started a little venture. I have some new ideas about things and have diligently worked on those while the family was absent (camping trip) for the past few days (they’re back now). I’m close to completion and launching and hope I don’t chicken out.

♣ I have been cycling every evening. And walking occasionally. Like today. I walked to the store to get milk and yogurt. #GOMA

♥ Children are weird. Did you know this? Maybe not all children, but certainly mine.😉 Or at least my girl child is… This is what happened:

♥ While I was out walking the long way to the store just because it was nice to unplug for a bit, I got several texts and phone calls which I didn’t see or hear because I muted my phone.

♥ I got home, put the dairy away, and decided to do some more walking, over to the pool two blocks away. The girl child went there to go swimming. I still hadn’t seen the texts.

♥ When I got to the pool there were people hanging out in perceived socially distanced bubbles on the grass outside of the gate. I looked for the girl and saw her in a shady spot under a tree with two friends.

♥ When she saw me approach she said “Did you bring me food? I texted you and called you.”. I said no and asked her if I look like a food truck to her. The other girls thought that was funny but my girl barely cracked a smile.

♥ She told me she was hungry and they didn’t get in with the first group of swimmers (you have to line up, register, and follow all sorts of protocols, and they only let in a certain number of swimmers at a time). They were given a slot an hour and a half from now and she didn’t have any breakfast and she needs food so could I get her food. I just looked at her. “Why don’t you just run home and get some food?” I asked her because I’m am not her personal assistant nor a delivery service. She hummed and hawed but giggled with her friends.

♥ So I thought, why not break up my day a little, enjoy the sunshine a little longer, and offered to walk back and get her a snack. Because that’s the kind of mom I am. (#sorrynotsorry)

♥ Here’s the weird part: she’s 12. (That’s not weird but could be.🙃) She’s been in sports since age 3, competitive since age 6. She knows about exercise and health and nutrition and yada yada blah blah blah but she decides to go swimming after 12 hours of sleeping and not eating breakfast first? I mean…that’s not smart. Lordy.

♥ Anyway, she has me for a mom and I decided because she has been socially starved for so long and was having fun with her gal pals, I would indulge in her request. So there.

♦ On the topic of children, it turns out the option to home school full time is available for both the 8th grader and the 10th grader. We got the message from the school board and answered they are both going to stay home and do remote learning and thereby avoid, potentially, endless quarantines and self-isolations. I hope. This is partly a good thing and a bad thing.

♦ The bad thing is all the stuff I mentioned in this post (with kids needing more from the school experience than just be chained to a desk and tethered to a device). They won’t be getting proper social interactions and following all the rules will be stressful. They feel they will be better equipped to retain information while staying home.

♦ The good thing is this gives me increased flexibility because a kid can home school anywhere, doesn’t need to be physically present in one location. Which means…

♦ My visits to mom will continue in the fall. I will simply schlepp the kid with me (and her puppy when it arrives in less than two weeks omg help me…) and we’ll figure it out. The only time we’ll be static is on the days the kids have sports activity commitments (which is all up in the air anyway, for now, so I’m going to just do my thing and cross that bridge when the time comes). I will need to be home and/or close to the activity on the days they’re double booked to avoid having to drive even longer than I usually would. But that too is manageable.

There you go. Another nothing post.

Tell me, what’s happening at your end? Anyone have anything exciting going on?

See you in the comments.

22 thoughts on “Bullet points

  1. I like bullets! When they’re not in guns.

    It was always my experience that my kids’ friends thought I was a whole lot funnier than my kids. I think there’s some unwritten rule that we never find our parents cool until we’re at least in our 20s. Possibly 30s.

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  2. Good luck with the venture.

    As for what’s going on here… I’m going to see an optician today. My eyesight doesn’t change much, but it’s been far too long since my last eye test and they have a three-for-one offer on frames.

    And I haven’t walked anywhere since last weekend. It’s been too damn hot!

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  3. I love how children are so perpetually strong. Some might want to be careful of the pool but she plunges in and that is wonderful. You can’t protect them from everything and her immune system will get stronger and stronger. I am still planting sunflowers and they are growing. I plan to take advantage of swimming in a pool nearby this weekend.

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  4. I love that you muted your phone. I never did that with my children and sometimes I’m a bit too available.
    A puppy! 🎊🎊🎊 I’m a huge fan of dogs and my life has been 💯 better because of each one I’ve had. The more training and consistency you can have the better. They want to please you. They understand yes and no. They do not understand maybe or sometimes. I’m still working on that with Charlie.

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    1. We’re not amateurs when it comes to dogs, but we never raised a puppy. Youngest age we ever owned was 18 months (male adolescent) and youngest I babysat was 9 month old Airedale (aka Jerry, who features in this blog sometimes).

      The Beagle puppy is my daughter’s project. I’m there peripherally to assist, as is her dad. 😉

      And the phone…ugh. I am getting better at muting. It’s not always easy, but sometimes necessary.


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