I said yes

To dog sitting. 😉

First, this guy arrived.

As a matter of fact, not only did I say yes, I offered to take him a day early. Because…

…he likes to nose around in clutter and eat things that are not (supposed to be) eatable. My girl child has clutter. All over the place.

So I threatened begged offered to take Jerry a day early and then explained to the child about his impending arrival.

Result: my main floor is cleaner and tidier than it has been since the day this place began lock-down. In March. Remember March? All hell broke loose in March. 🙄

Mood: I must request this boy’s presence again soon.

So he arrived and I enjoyed a nice, tidy home for a few hours. It’s still relatively tidy 36 hours later, but…not as tidy.

But then…Miss Molly needed some sitting, and foolish me, I said yes again. So she arrived this morning, and I have been followed hounded surrounded by these two all day long. 😳

Chaos ensued. Also wet dog smell because it rained on and off all day and at one point it began raining while we were out and they both got wet and their paws got muddy.

Hence the towels.

The got along, they had met before, but ohmygod they cannot be without me.

Like, ever. 😶

I figured, incorrectly, that rainy weather = writing time, right? (I never learn.)

And, because the whole family was home (they’re always home because – pandemic) I mistakenly thought my bedroom would be my refuge (why do I never learn?) and schlepped my computer onto the bed and got set up.

The dogs wanted to be with me. Which essentially isn’t a problem. Except.

They. Do. Not. Like. Closed. Doors. 😬

So I left the door slightly ajar which meant that certain mini people consider it an open invitation to peek in on her favorite furry friends.

This is a little bit disruptive to my writing method.

At one point she went outside to the garage fridge to get a popsicle and of course both dogs heard the door open and wanted out. Only the door was closed and they scratched and whined and the menfolk were downstairs plugged in so… I had to get up to let them out.

They played, got more wet (wetter 😛), came back in and wanted to hang with me again.

Which meant I needed a towel for Molly who likes to be on the bed with me. (She’s 13…and I allow it only with her because she’s both old and small.)

So, I got up (again) to get a beach towel to place on the bed so she could rest beside me. Fine.

The other dough-head crashed on the floor at the foot of the bed.

But he looked nervous. There was some rumbling again in the far away sky and…he doesn’t like that. Thunderstorms result in panting and pacing and slobbering and shivering.


Anyway. I didn’t get any writing done, besides the blog posts because blog posts can be constructed with constant interruptions, which is why you got two in one day today. Contrary to my WIPs, blogging doesn’t require an immense amount of concentration. 😐

By Sunday evening though, Molly returned home and Jerry, who gets to spend another night with us, goes home on Monday.

Perhaps my routine will be back to the covid-normal after he has gone.

But I will admit two things:

It was a nice distraction to have these two furry companions around for the weekend. And, the tidy house did help my general mental state somewhat as well.

I wonder if the mess-makers noticed the different (happier) disposition I was in? 😉

17 Replies to “I said yes”

  1. It seems counter-intuitive that your house would be cleaner with dogs, but alas, I would take them over teens and pre-teens, as well.

    I’m jealous of your rain, btw. Daylong on-and-off showers sound pretty nice right about now.

    Liked by 1 person

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