The drama strikes again (but just for a little while)

Every single word I typed had me second guessing yesterday. It was so bad that both major WIPs I worked on I’ve left in draft form.

Nothing got sent. Nothing got finalized. Not even my flash fiction or contest pieces.

Nothing happened, and it took all day. Boo.

I am struggling.

So. I will clean up my drafts and send them to Mark so he can, if and when he has some time, critique me. He offered. And I am officially accepting. All I ask is this:

Give it to me straight, up front, and be as blunt and honest as you can be. Do not spare my fragile emotions. Please and thank you.

I need something to happen; maybe hit rock bottom?

Anyway. Some of the stories/chapters I’ve been working on are in the (loosely defined) romance genre. There are some, oh let’s call them…steamy scenes involved. 😏

I will admit writing those are fun! But only if/when I’m in the mood. I was working on one of those yesterday while my mood was, at best, precarious…

But I digress.

Bottom line, if you recall (just a few sentences ago), I’ve left everything in draft form because…

None. Of. It. Sounds. Good. To. Me.

It. All. Blows. Goats.


* * *

So today, shortly after lunch, my daughter and I returned home to the neglected house and men. We left last Wednesday – we’ve been away a week.

While she was busy zooming, I went to load the car.

First thing I needed to do was put her bike into the trunk. This should not be a big, complicated thing; however, because I am me, I had some issues. (Surprise!) 😁

I lowered the single seat of the backseats. But, there is a bar that remains in place, horizontally across the whole backseat. The seat is down, but the bar stays on top.

Seems kind of futile to me.

But whatever. I got the bike in before, I’ll get it in again.

So I stared from the trunk side. I lifted her bike in but couldn’t lift the front wheel above the bar across the collapsed single seat. I figured I can pull it from inside the car.

I climbed into the backseat to do just that.

Here comes the fun part. To get into the right sort of position to grasp the front of her bike, I had to straddle stuff. 😳

I’ll just pause here for a moment so you can picture this awkward scenario in your head. (sorrynotsorry) πŸ˜‚

Next, I pulled and tugged at the front wheel and almost got my fingers caught in the spikes. Given the position I was in (straddle = legs bent at knees + far apart) it was…awkward. 😬

But I managed. I may be a drama queen at times, but I’m an independent drama queen and only ask for help if/when I really need it. I decided to chalk up this gymnastics routine as part of my daily workout. πŸ˜‰


Anyway, the bike wheel was finally in the correct place I wanted it to be in, so I, ah, dismounted and climbed back out of the car.

Finally, I went to shut the trunk, only it didn’t click when I slammed it down. I tried to re-open it but…the stupid trunk was now locked.πŸ˜’


Luckily, I anticipated this hiccup and had purposely left the front windows open. Pushing the button on the inside of the driver’s door unlocked the trunk which allowed me to re-open and re-slam it shut and it clicked and that was that.

Problem solved.

We left shortly after that.

On the way home we hit some major traffic. We were wedged between giant semis and cement trucks, blinking lights, and because the a/c is busted, we had the windows open which made things uncomfortable. The car was filled with hot air, sun on my daughter’s side, a lot of noise and a lot of exhaust.

It was unpleasant. It was stop-and-go an inch or two for at least 15 minutes and my girl was really, really hot. I managed to get from the left lane across three lanes to the exit ramp and left the highway one exit short of our usual one. Which was fine. At least we were moving…

It’s almost like there is no pandemic. This sort of traffic congestion reminds me of Pre-Covid times. Ugh.

Arriving at home left me with a whole sort of mixed bag of emotions. We unloaded the car into an empty house, with one gone (the adult was flying a Cessna today) and the other still sleeping (teen). I watered and fertilized my outdoor garden, and did a little bit of unpacking (my stuff is neat and organized and only takes a few minutes – the other one has stuff and clutter in random boxes, bins and bags and she still hasn’t finished unpacking three hours later).

Then I cleaned the bathroom. And swept the hall and kitchen. And mopped the bathroom, hall and kitchen floors. And cleaned out the fridge. And cleaned off the counter.

All the while, plotting and composing sentences in my head.

And that, my friends, is my Wednesday so far.

Thank you for reading. I hope your Hump day was a little less dramatic than mine.

See you in the comments. πŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “The drama strikes again (but just for a little while)

  1. I was hoping you’d want blunt honesty. Don’t worry, I won’t let our friendship cloud my critique. You have a great attitude about it, so that’s a plus!

    The lack of any traffic here whatsoever is hands-down one of the best things about living in Rapid City.

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  2. Bravo, for tackling the awkward bike loading. And bravo, for finding a creative way to navigate the frustrations of your return (and of course catching up on the chores neglected during your absence.) There is nothing like the immersion of living in your writing projects. I’ve been stuck in the first week of November of 1931 for over a week now. It’s been wonderful. Of course, I did get confused about what day it was, in the real world, and started doling out vitamins based on the 1931 calendar. No harm, no foul.

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  3. Hope all goes well, with the writing I mean πŸ™‚. (Have you discovered writing steamy romance stories can be exhilarating❀️…… tell me did they give you a warm tingle down below πŸ˜‚)


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