Edging closer to the covid-abyss

Every night I look at the global covid maps. I want to see how other places are doing with reopening and easing of restrictions.

I leave America last. Sometimes I skip it all together. Sorry, it’s not you, dear readers, it’s your dear leader…😳

Anyway. Blah. We are all weary and fed up. How are we going to get through winter? Last winter was hard and too long. I was on the verge of a deep depression. Just getting outside was something we all craved, deeply. Some variety. Socializing. Going places, doing things.

Except. None of it happened.

I haven’t even gone shoe shopping. πŸ‘žπŸ‘‘πŸ‘ πŸ‘’πŸ‘Ÿ


Fall and winter are not far off…

This morning Paul posted out of Belgium they’re going back in. Restrictions are tightening, bubbles reducing, etc.

And it’s still summer. What will winter look like?

We watched a bit of baseball on tv. Then suddenly one team (Miami Marlins) reported 13 positive cases and the magic is gone. Mostly players and some staff. That’s half the team! It’s all just so maddening.

My son’s baseball league canceled their season but released the coaches to do what they want. Some have registered their teams to play under a provincial league and although they can’t play games just yet due to the small group bubbles still in place, my teen’s team is out there practicing twice a week.

This is important for fitness and mental health for godsake. They’re 15yo boys. All they’ve been doing since March is sleep and play video games. 😡

(And eat and grow but that goes without saying…)

Anyway. By the second week of practices (this week) the paperwork started piling up. Each kid had to sign 3 waivers, another 3 for each coach. I think the parent(s) also had to sign stuff. Since my partner is a coach I’m out of all that. I haven’t read or signed anything. (My turn is coming when gymnastics, ringette and who knows what else my daughter is into will start up again. If it will…)

I shudder at what the school year will look like in September, if that will even happen.

There was a house party in a Toronto suburb that got broken up by police. Upwards 200 people were attending before police arrived. They got fined $880 among some other charges, but our Premier (head of province) freaked out and wants to throw the book at them. We were still in phase 2 of reopening and the maximum is 10 people. Blatant disregard toward the rest of the community.

So…yep. We have us some covidiots in Canada too. Yippie-doo.

Today is my last day at my mom’s house. My daughter and I will return home tomorrow in the afternoon sometime. I wonder what awaits me at the house… 😢

But today, I’m still able to sit and write. Stay focused. Keep going despite the pile of rejections flooding in. I have an idea though and may change gears slightly. That’s my goal for today: make a list of all my ideas so I won’t lose my thread when I get back to my own house and work among the chaos, interruptions and clutter.

Wish me luck.

26 thoughts on “Edging closer to the covid-abyss

  1. The restrictions have just become even tighter in the province in which I live. No-one is quite willing to admit that a second wave has started and the effort is around squashing it before things get any worse.

    I really do hope that they do and that the schools will be able to re-open in September — even if it’s only two or three days a week. The kids were quite hard hit by the last lockdown and I don’t know how they will react if they suddenly find that they can’t see their friends again.

    We should know in a couple of weeks.

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      1. I’m hopeful rather than optimistic. It does look like a second wave to me, but the government is responding and, hopefully, they will have it under control enough that the schools can reopen — even if it’s only for two or three days a week.

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  2. I read online today that the police had to break up a party that had approximately 700 in attendance. It was at an Airbnb. This, in part, is why we’re not catching a break against coronavirus spread! *sigh* Ugh. Husband and I just finished watching the latest Absentia! Excellent. We are also watching The Alienist, which is almost over. I hope they have some good shows coming up soon because the best that I can tell, we’re going to need all the distraction we can get through this fall and winter! Hang in there! Mona

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  3. I think we’re all struggling with some level of Covid depression. The hot weather forced me to focus my energies indoors–and I’ve returned to completion of a long dormant novel. It has become my Covid refuge. When the country (here) appears to be in meltdown and the problems all start at the top, I can take refuge in a small story in 1931. Find a project that speaks to you and immerse yourself in it.

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    1. I have a binder.

      I also use an app called evernote which syncs across all my devices. This was particularly helpful the time I forgot my laptop bag that also had my binder in it. 95% of my work, notes and research is in evernote and worst case scenario I can pull all of it up on my phone. πŸ™‚

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  4. Damm Girl, I don’t know how you get them….wow….I don’t get it….someone offering to read your writing. I would take them up on it. And here I am, academically reviewing for beta readers and trying to pay my dues…you got a shortcut. I feel like you are one of the golden girls!You go, girl.

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      1. No dog walking at all. Almost everyone with a dog is working from home and/or on summer vacation (lots of families with school aged kids in my neighborhood) so that part of my business is not active. I miss my pooches as well as the income.

        My friend who offered to read and critique has published books, one of which I’m reading on kindle currently, and also works in the publishing industry. His advice is invaluable to me. He lives in the US like you. πŸ™‚


      2. Well, I expect it is the same in most countries right now: boring and the good people are staying inside and reading, unlike those house party people you talked about. I wonder if he will be able to get any monies from them. My favorite is when people don’t need money and they do the job for free but that is not me as I am not a millionaire. Thanks for listening. Some politicians do the job for free but not many.

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      3. and some editors, if they are friends. I am continuing to work with my friend. For some reason, she loves my grammar book/idea and I am learning to work with her and not complain when she lets a week go by…after all, she likes most of it.

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  5. It really is hard to stay informed and sane at the same time…. especially here in the states. I fear for the future of this country. We can’t survive another 4 years of the Cheeto in Chief, he’s ripping our society apart and killing everything that we stand for.
    Damn, now I’m depressed.

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