Friday evening update: life and death and baseball

When they use words like ‘heat dome’ to describe the current weather you know tempers will flare out in public.

Good thing I don’t like the public. πŸ˜€

I mean, sure, I like some people… Sometimes. πŸ™„

Yesterday while editing my work I was distracted by this song:

🎡🎢 Don’t let the sun go down on me (George Michael and Elton John) 🎢🎡

I listened to it a few times and decided I really like the lyrics, and the two men’s voices. Particularly George’s…swoon. (Don’t judge, I’m GenX). His crystal clear vocals are amazingly powerful, and as a duo with Sir Elton… Well. πŸ’• They both have an amazing ability to engage their audience/listeners.

Had. May Mr. Michael rest in peace forever. πŸ’—

So Friday marked the third day of hanging out at mom’s this week. I got zero writing done today.

The boys arrived just after 10 am and we were going to do something before lunch, but it didn’t work out.

My dad wanted his ashes scattered in a specific spot. The spot is secluded and lovely except during pandemics in July apparently.


So we kept him and went back home.

We had lunch while contemplating a new date to scatter his ashes.

The boys ended up staying for a while after lunch and at one point left to run a couple of errands, taking mom with them. They came back with the hockey boy outfitted with proper fitting gear – new hockey pants. His practices will begin next month and I hope he stops growing because…πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²

ugh πŸ˜‰

After they went home, leaving my girl and I here at mom’s, I once again realized how a slightly larger house has so many benefits, not easily replicated in cramped conditions. I have several places to escape to at mom’s house when the need to be alone arises (fairly often for me) but so do the other occupants.

I had a piece of chocolate after lunch and immediately crashed, so I escaped into the bedroom for a 30 minute nap. I woke up to scroll some twitter and you know what I saw?

A heck of a lot of baseball tweets. MLB is back! Tonight! The Blue Jays are playing Tampa. πŸ˜›

Then I came to this spot to have a glass of wine.

Mom was puttering on her laptop, in the kitchen and elsewhere, and the tween girl was plugged into her music and sketching on her pad in the living room.

This degree of separation isn’t possible at my house…but here, there are still empty spaces in this medium-sized suburban house.

I marvel at the differences and simultaneously feel guilty for complaining.

How this pandemic will unfold if it drags on much longer for people who are stuck in small apartments, with kids…My heart aches for those families.

I understand on some level. I grew up in an apartment. And in Switzerland during the 1970s, apartment life with kids was hard. Mom, who shielded most of her stress from us, suffered a lot during that time. I know this now – I didn’t know this then. My childhood was rather idyllic, despite the apartment living conditions.


Today, I have the best of both worlds. I have a house, small as it is, and an escape place at mom’s 30 minutes away

The pandemic, annoying as some of its disruptions have been, has given us time to slow down and increase our flexibility. I spend 2-3 days a week living away from home, and…we have all adjusted.

It’s…strange. But maybe, this is a good thing.

Hello weekend! Tell me what your plans are. We are watching Major League Baseball on tv…finally! It didn’t really feel like summer without the Toronto Blue Jays. πŸ™‚

20 thoughts on “Friday evening update: life and death and baseball

  1. We’ve had a pretty full couple of days. Today should be slower-paced. Hanging out, grilling steaks later. It’s supposed to be cooler (mid-80s as opposed to mid-90s) so that’ll be nice.

    Your excitement over MLB is equal to mine over the NFL. Can’t wait for football season, though I wonder what exactly that will look like).

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  2. Now that we can’t travel, or go out to dinner, drinks and entertainment…. weekends are seldom restful around here. My husband keeps finding ( and inventing damn him ) projects around the house. In the current heat? I find myself looking forward to Mondays, and that’s just wrong.

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  3. Apart from when I was at University I’ve always lived in a house. Some of them were very small but there was always a patch of grass you could escape to. At one time I used to visit Germany a lot due to my job. I had a friend there the same age as me and he’d lived in apartments his whole life which is much more common there than here(uk). He told me there were lots of rules they had to follow, many of them unwritten and it seemed to me many of them to do with when they could or couldn’t do the laundry.These rules allowed several families to share a house without too much conflict breaking out. Sometimes a family would move in who didn’t follow the rules and then the whole house would be agitated. He reckoned that this thing about following rules is ingrained into the German psyche.

    My daughter has half a house in London and she has half an already tiny garden which is completely paved over. It turns out she inherited my wife’s green fingers which was a surprise to us because she hadn’t shown any inclination before. She’s completely filled her half of the garden with plants in pots and containers and growing up the walls. You can hardly move. I think there’s a strong urge in some people to have a green space to escape to. I’m one of them.

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    1. The German mentality about rules and control is/was the same as in Switzerland (near Zurich). It was a big source of stress for my mom. Just ask her to tell you some stories about the laundry room key…ugh. πŸ™‚


  4. I rearranged my kitchen drawers today (aren’t you jealous?) bought new casual sneakers because I wore out soul of my other casual sneakers. Went to four stores to find sneaker shoelaces for my husband, had delicious Singapore dinner…tomorrow watching Kissing Booth 2 with my daughter and returning ink cartridges to staples. Don’t you wish you were me?

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  5. It’s a post with a good atmosphere. Family members are doing what they like. In addition the MLB game returns, this is necessary to put our lives at a somewhat more normal pace. If your favorite team is the winner and will be happiness for a day.

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