Thoughts and ramble: a day in the life of a mom of teens

The sky this morning looked like this:

Without the umbrella on the back porch I haven’t been enjoying morning coffee outside. Which, even with the umbrella casting shade, is only really doable prior to about 7:30 am. After that it gets too hot and sticky…

But the wind broke the umbrella beyond repair.

So we ordered a new one only we miscalculated its measurements. It’s too small.

Anyway none if this matters today because I am currently outside having coffee under a pleasant sky with normal summer temperatures.

This is a good way to start the day after a crappy evening and horrible night. I could not fall asleep, and when I finally did, I kept waking up. My brain is in overdrive due to a not so happy non-conversation with teenagers and…I had to pee at least three times.

What is it with bladders at night after….oh, lets start with childbirth?

Lordy. This constant loo-visiting is getting on my last nerve. πŸ˜’

My writing ability was in overdrive for a couple of days but I hit a plateau again. Which is just as well; I may unplug from the creative side of things and tackle garden things and cooking things and tidying things instead. I made the mistake of visiting my daughter’s room last night and am now reacquainted with the reason why I should never do this again. 😬

I did however find my favorite coffee cup in there. With a peppermint tea bag in it. 😢

Note to self: if you can’t handle teenage squalor, do not enter teenage bedrooms.

I believe tomorrow (Wednesday) I am heading back to mom’s. I think the girl child may accompany me again. The dynamic is very different there…and it makes me wonder what the future holds. Especially in light of this endless pandemic.

My feeling is that the schoolboard will completely screw things up for the return of school in September. I envision at least one more complete shutdown prior to Christmas (not trying to be pessimistic, just years of experience with this schoolboard has me on high alert for screwups).

I have a feeling that all the linked parts across the education system are not working together for the greater good. What this means is I have to prepare myself for that inevitability and for continued constant *happy* family time in this house.

May become a lush in the process. You have been warned. πŸ˜‚


As I type this on my phone, flies are pestering me, landing on exposed body parts as if it’s their god-given right to so blatantly invade my space.


I’m on my final coffee. The sun is out full blast – time to head into the shower and get this day started.

Good morning Tuesday!

41 thoughts on “Thoughts and ramble: a day in the life of a mom of teens

  1. “Personal note: if you can’t handle teen misery, don’t go into teens’ rooms.” That made me laugh. I don’t remember my room in adolescence, it didn’t matter. Remember your teenage room? You can answer or not, you choose.

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  2. Sounds like the stresses of everyday life to me…by the way, what part of the world do you live? I’m fairly new to your blog so I have no idea. Also, there’s nothing wrong with a drink now and again! So to that, I say cheers! Mona

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  3. One wonders about flies and mosquitos, and how they appear to have missed the Darwin boat. If flies just stayed away from us, we wouldn’t be so hellbent to kill them. They could live their happy little fly-lives and never even know about flyswatters and poisons. And if mosquitos were silent–they could probably drain us of blood and we’d just nod. But, annoy us and we’re a force to contend with. (Perhaps, in there, is a delicately worded pandemic warning to the teen children.)

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    1. I sometimes wonder the same thing about turkeys. We keep turkeys and they are free range. They wander into the field which has long grass and they completely disappear looking for moths and flies. If you whistle then suddenly a whole load of turkey heads will pop up above the grass.

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      1. At least the turkeys engage in behavior that benefits them (a belly full of moths and flies.) How does annoying us benefit the flies, mosquitos and biting insects? How does their venom do them any good, if it makes them targets?

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  4. Schools in the US don’t have a handle on the situation either, and the mixed (and stupid) messages from a handful of specific people aren’t helping. My almost 8 yo granddaughter opted for the stay home/online route, which I think is where my state is heading anyway, although they are still hoping to attempt that hybrid design.
    As to teenage bedrooms, yes…close the door and walk away fast. Nothing good ever comes from going in there.

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