Summer storms and changes of plans

Three times the radio interrupted the crappy songs it was playing in order to update us on some tornado warning.

It happened during yesterday’s drive home from my mom’s place. The weather apps indicated storms were brewing. But then, with this incredible humid air sticking around for weeks now, thunderstorms have been regular occurrences lately.

They never last long, the summer storms. They can be quite violent; in fact, parts of western Toronto had to deal with a bit of a carnage from damaging winds which felled trees just last week.

Not down by my place though. We got a lot of rain in a short amount of time which was great for the lawns and trees, but other than that, not much else happened. My mom texted later to ask if we got rain – she desperately wanted some and sounded quite envious when I told her we had rivers flowing in the streets.

“We got nothing here,” she said at the time.

I do think she got rain yesterday though. She said something about having been caught in it in some store parking lot.

Anyway, I didn’t really want to leave her place yesterday. I was hoping to get my writing mojo back while there, but a day and a half wasn’t enough time. Her house is much quieter, and cleaner, than mine, with less people in it, and once I start my projects there I get a lot more done than I do back in my own house.

I wrote nothing but a bunch of garbage on Saturday. I didn’t feel well, that may have been part of it, and ultimately the short story I did write did end up getting finished by Sunday night, even though it took several drafts to get to that point.

But I digress. I was talking about tornadoes.

We don’t get many around here, but we do get them occasionally. Certainly, the recipe was conducive for tornado forming yesterday. Each time the radio interrupted the songs, they updated us with new locations the tornado, were it to form, would most likely touch down. The communities they mentioned were pretty far away though, but it provided me with a lesson to my daughter about what we should do if the storm came our way and we were stuck in the car on the highway.

We spent the rest of the drive home looking for places we could hunker down.

One of the reasons we had to come home early was because my son had a baseball practice scheduled for 2 pm, the first one since the indoor practices were canceled in March due to covid. Of course, the weather interfered with that plan and we ended up staying home, again.

Seems a recurring theme, this staying home thing, doesn’t it. BLAH

But the good news is that this allowed me to sit in my bedroom and finish my story. Even better news was it incited a new one, which I wrote this morning.

Here’s a lesson it this:

Writing daily, even when nothing but garbage comes out, is a good thing for me. It helps to foster the habit, in a sense. Pushing through the days when the order of the words, or the words themselves, do nothing but frustrate me helps me to re-emerge from the abyss quicker.

I’m out of the abyss today, it seems. Two stories in 24 hours and a blog post…Ha!

But as soon as I click publish on this today, I will shut down and go run some necessary errands out of the house. Later, I want to continue with work-for-pay writing, but I won’t be able to concentrate on that knowing that the guinea pigs will starve to death without a new bag of hay, the family will whine when there’s no milk to pour into their tea or over their cereal, and I will kick myself next time I have to drive a kid to practice and realize there’s no gas in the car.

Note to self, there’s a practice tonight, get gas.

It’s Monday! Here we go again.

See you in the comments.

16 thoughts on “Summer storms and changes of plans

  1. I said I thought Tornados didn’t go that far north but my wife just showed me a picture of a tornado which struck Alberta 20 years ago which killed 12 people at a campsite.

    My wife follows a forum for farmers. It’s mostly Brits but there are some Canadians farmers on it. One of them posted some pictures of a massive hail storm which hit Alberta just a week ago. It looked horrendous but another Canadian popped up with pictures of the Tornado.

    I’ll never complain about British weather again. Someone who comments on here posted some pictures on their own blog of a bear attack on their beehives. The worst we get are wasps and Woodpeckers. I have to remind myself that we are lucky to live in a relatively benign environment over here.

    Margaret Atwood is Canadian who wrote a short story about an ice storm partly based on her own experience. She says how beautiful everything looked ( and deadly I suppose).

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    1. Toronto has 4 seasons, each with degrees of both incredible beauty and nasty reminders that Mother Nature is in charge.

      Fall is my favorite. The high temps in summer/fall followed by cool/cold nights leaves breathtaking colours on our trees. Entire tours are arranged just to take in those colours.


  2. Claudette don’t leave me in suspense! Short n sweet, what’s the lesson to your daughter about what she should do if the storm came her way and she was stuck in the car on the highway?……… I might need to know one day! ๐Ÿ˜€

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  3. Trying to exercise or fit into the schedule with the 30 minute commute gets in the way but did get my exercise this morning. Writing fix will have to wait as I am busy now. Hopefully a few minutes to breathe will enter shortly. Now if the next workman or men or woman or women would just call back and let us know.


  4. We, all of us who are at the northern edges of the heat domes, are the lucky ones. Yes, it’s a zone that breeds wild storms and tornadoes, but it gives us rain, and some cooling. It’s the turbulence of rising hot air, and the air rushing in to replace it, that breeds the storms. Life is always most interesting at the margins. These are front row seats to climate change. It doesn’t cooperate with one’s domestic agenda.


  5. I often have friends from the PNW ask if we get tornadoes out here, and I tell them not really, they’re pretty rare. And then, inevitably, there will be a tornado somewhere nearby. A week and a half ago the sirens even went off in some parts of town. Either I have a misunderstanding of the weather here, or climate change is making the storms more severe.

    Congrats on the productivity over the weekend!

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  6. Writing everyday – garbage or not – does help. Those tornado warnings were far-reaching yesterday. At one point, the sky here turned an ominous colour. Hubby and I retreated to the basement. Hear there was a lot of damage not far from here. Phew!

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      1. Excuse my ignorance. I’m a Brit. I had no idea tornadoes occurred that far north.
        Very occasionally we get them in the UK and they might take a few tiles off roofs. When I was a kid I saw a mini tornado on the beach, a sand devil I suppose you call it. I was swimming about in the sea and when I looked towards the shore a little tornado was working it’s way along the edge of the sea lifting airbeds and other inflatables into the air. It was quite exciting.

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      2. I’ve been in the Toronto area since 1980 and this is maybe the third time I heard about such a warning. ๐Ÿ™‚

        We do get other storms, sometimes in all 4 seasons. Lots of damage caused by wind, flooding, ice and snow. But tornadoes are relatively rare here.

        Thank you for reading and commenting. ๐Ÿ™‚


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