A shortened weekend away from home

The air is thick like soup today. β˜€

I could barely rise this morning. Might be my iron levels…right before the covid-shutdown occurred in March I had a blood test and I registered a 2 on my levels. (Women in my age group should be about 60 or higher). So I took supplements and increased the use of cast iron pan cooking, added Swiss Chard with stems to all my dishes, loaded up on reputable meat choices yada yada…

Maybe it’s the heat that’s playing a number on me.

An indoor day, maybe focusing on writing, appears to be on my weekend schedule. I’m at my mom’s so that shouldn’t be a problem…plenty of uninterrupted privacy here.


The teen’s baseball team is beginning practices again this weekend (finally). Whether there will be a game-season or not remains one of the questions yet to be answered, but the coaches have hope.

The parents seem excited just to roll their 15yo boys out of their prevailing horizontal positions and drop them off on a sunny field. πŸ˜€

He will be hot.

He will be tired.

He will be sore…very sore. Swinging a bat and throwing a ball is a very different activity from pressing buttons on a joystick. πŸ•Ή πŸ˜‰

I expect the sleeping to increase, at least for a while… πŸ™„

What this means for me is a reduced stay at my mom. Since the teen’s practice begins at 2 pm on Sunday and his dad, who is a coach, is in self-isolation, I’m to chauffeur the boy to the diamond.

So I gotta leave mom’s early. On Sunday right after lunch.


I’ll stay home until Wednesday morning. My daughter has a zoom then, and afterwards, she and I can pack up and return to mom’s.

That’s the plan, anyway.

Unless something else comes up. (Something else often comes up…)

As I sat in mom’s shady backyard this morning, typing up this drivel, the tween girl was still sleeping. Mom occupied herself watering the tomatoes and Susans…but soon, she wondered what her little granddaughter would like for breakfast.

Grandmas love to spoil their grandkids… (am I right?) and I joke that my kid is treating this place like a restaurant in an upscale hotel. Her food orders will go something like this:

I’ll have a sunny side up egg, some bacon, orange juice, a hot chocolate (?) and some berries (or other fruit, sliced up of course).

And mom will be thrilled to bits to serve the child her elaborate breakfast. πŸ˜€

Lucky for me, my tween knows that on non-school days she is on her own for breakfast back home. Ha.

And so, another summer weekend begins.

What’s the plan in your abode?

25 thoughts on “A shortened weekend away from home

  1. I’m reading this a day late so I no longer have a Sunday plan, but I can tell you it was full of errands and chores. I always have these grand visions of relaxing weekends, but they never seem to materialize.

    Hot chocolate in the midst of a heat wave? Hmm…wouldn’t be my first choice!

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  2. My iron is always low too. I eat molasses. Lol
    I hear you – we are at my mom’s (in Guelph) and she has a pool and breakfast was home made waffles with fruit and whipped cream and bacon! Spoiled!
    Last night was my son’s choice of dinner – tacos!
    Hope you are getting some good writing time.

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  3. Maybe today I will get to the bicycles. That was the plan the other day, before I saw the raspberries and I decided to pick and make jam instead. It’s muggy, the the storms have sent the heat running. This is not too bad. With the rain, the garden can fend for itself for a day or so–maybe later I’ll finish the chapter I’m working on. Many maybees in the schedule today.


  4. Just to let you know, my short story was published and the link is on my site. I will be treating my granddaughter to lunch at a deli tomorrow. A small spoil before they flee for the Appalachian Mountains and she flees back to her 3 dogs. I think one day she will appreciate her grandma and sharing, that is when she is not texting. You and I : so close in age but I am became a young grandma at 40. Such is the life.

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