GOMA™ aka exercise by walking

Welcome to the first post of GOMA™ (Getting Off My Ass) and re-start walking regularly. I have two participants: Andrea in Germany (twitter @inkovator) and LA in NYC. So far. We are encouraging each other to stay on track with 20 minutes of brisk walking per day (at minimum) and documenting some sort of proof that we did it.

Andrea documented her proof in a chat app directly to me. LA did a post on her blog which you can see if you click the above link on her name.

And here is my proof.

Monday July 6

19 minutes 57 seconds brisk walking completed.

I did forget to bring my running shoes from home (I’m away) but the sketchers were fine.

The app, which I had used before, somehow logged the map I walked via the GPS but didn’t save it. Nor did it register my steps. (My brain is full of noise…I forgot to connect something in the app.) So I’ll have to fix that for next time. (Tomorrow)

I did take some photos:

serenity window shade

Not my house (I wish!) but they have the same serenity shades as we do. 🙂

A child drew this on a giant driveway. I thought she (probably a girl) did a great job. 🙂

I’m showered, dressed, alone and ready to tackle my writing. But first, coffee.


26 thoughts on “GOMA™ aka exercise by walking

      1. Hey at least your walking 🙂 My routine went from the gym 5 to 6 times a week to working with resistance bands at home three times a week, yet to get some walking in.

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    1. Walk. 😛

      Which I didn’t yesterday with the humidex it was 41. I just couldn’t…

      But I cleaned the bathroom which was a workout of sorts… 😉

      I started a GOMA page on my blog. Will update it today and include you. 😀

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  1. Running shoes? No-one said anything about running shoes!

    But I went for a walk, and saw a butterfly. I subsequently spent far too much of my evening trying to identify it.

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