Crisis averted…for now

I used to be a flight attendant. ✈

A professional traveller.

A minimalist transatlantic stewardess.

So why is it when I pack for a short trip now, as a middle aged crazy chick, I pack like I’m going on a long-winded excursion to Antarctica? 😳

But that’s not the problem. I have an excuse for bringing a few extra items for my short writing vacation away from home at my mom’s house. I was planning on leaving some stuff there so I won’t have to pack it next time. Next time being maybe later this week, and definitely regularly for the remainder of the summer.

My mom’s house has become my writing office, temporarily at least. 😊

Anyway, I tried to pack smart, not for an eventual apocalypse. (Wait…what?) 🙄

Essential items other than undies and all that is contact lenses, solution, glasses, work notes, deep conditioning shampoo and conditioner. Summery clothes and shoes other than my fuzzy slippers. And my pillows, the ergonomic one for my neck and the firm, thick one for between my legs. (Age, ugh…) 😛

While loading up the car with my and my daughter’s items, I packed up my laptop, my binder with my WIP (Work In Progress) notes, my password book and my cables and placed them in a separate carrying case. As I said goodbye to the grumpy menfolk, I glanced toward the door and double checked that I remembered to bring the masks.

This is what life is like now. Don’t forget to bring a face covering. Sigh.

Then my daughter and I were on our way. We anticipated arriving at mom’s house in time for lunch, about 30 minutes later.

I chose to drive along Lake Shore Blvd, not the highway. Mainly because the air conditioner is broken in the old Saturn I’m driving (my dad’s car, his pride and joy) and I wanted to keep the windows rolled down. I find it annoying on the highway to have the wind wreck my hair while driving…

The outdoor air currently feels like bus exhaust: hot, sticky, wet, gross. The humidex for the foreseeable future is high 30s to low 40s (38 C is around 100 F) and it hasn’t rained in weeks.

Despite the weather, it was a pleasant drive. (I grew up without air conditioning – my parents installed central air the year I left for University). We passed a lovely marina that finally had boats in it again, now that we’re in Phase 2 of reopening. The little town of Port Credit along the shores of Lake Ontario, quaint and touristy, was very quiet though…so unfortunate this time of year. I hope many of the businesses make it through this pandemic.

Anyway, when my daughter’s phone rings, we are closer to mom’s house than our own house. We’re past the halfway mark.

She answers and it’s her brother.

“He said you left your computer behind,” my girl child informed me.

I stared at her for a minute. What the hell is she talking about? The computer is the most important thing I need for my writing….

Her phone rings again and she answers it a second time. This time it was her dad, repeating the same information. (Do they not talk to each other, the menfolk?)


I tried to think back how I packed. I remembered placing all the bags and cooler in front of the door – my stuff, my daughter’s stuff, and the computer bag.

Or maybe not.

“Where did I put it?” I wondered out loud and then remembered I placed it beside the shoe basket near the front door but slightly apart from the pile of stuff we had ready there.

I must have gotten distracted.

“Are you going back to get it?” my girl wanted to know and part of me hesitated immediately. Can I manage without my laptop, my notes, and my password book? Do I really want to turn around and drive back to get it? We’re 10 minutes away from arrival…

I decided not to decide.

“I’ll decide after lunch,” I told her and continued our trip.

When we arrived at mom’s, I logged on to my dad’s computer. My mom has her own laptop, but my dad used a desktop with a huge screen which is kind of nice.

I managed to start it up, load Evernote and WordPress and Email and all my other apps, and this is where I’m typing this blog post right now.

Welcome to my new office.

So this is where I will sit and write something.


I hope I get my oompf back. 🙂

And so it begins…

30 thoughts on “Crisis averted…for now

  1. Using someone else’s computer is as complicated, sometimes, as wearing someone else’s shoes. Squeeze in here and it’s loose there.

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  2. Fun fact: I have owned Saturns in my life. Plural, as in two; first a sports coupe with pop-up headlights (it was TEAL to boot…can you tell this was the early 90s?), and then a sedan when I became a family man. I always liked the Saturn brand.

    I hope you find your words considering your blog name implies as much. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I find using new things helps me a lot. I also know the process of moving to a new thing is half the fun – and know it’s a HUGE slippery slope 🙂

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  4. Nice screen. I still use a desktop PC for most of my online activities — there is something really nice about being able to work with a proper screen and keyboard.

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  5. We are heading your way (well, Guelph) to see my mom in another week and the car will be packed!

    I am sure your dad would be so pleased you are using his computer for your writing. That is a great corner.

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  6. We only ever go to my mum’s, way up on Lake Superior. We generally pack pretty light–but I do take the laptop…and charger. No point in taking a cell phone, my home town has no cell service. We have carry-on luggage, but haven’t used it in years. Seeing the suitcases come out used to upset the cat. So we’d pack, stealthily, in paper grocery bags…and then slip out when he wasn’t looking. Packing, and traveling, has a whole different feel to it when your things are stowed in grocery bags.

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  7. At this point in my life I’ve discovered that packing for a two day trip is the same as packing for a two month trip. I need options.
    Enjoy that big screen…. I have a 27 inch now and can’t imagine going back to a laptop.

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