The freakiest thing in my yard

Want to meet the Golden Girls on my blog?

Here they are, munching my Rue herb.

Dorothy, Sophia, Blanche and Rose must have missed the memo about Rue causing intestinal discomforts.

Anyway. I texted this picture to a friend who responded with “yuck”.

I thought that was an interesting response but did wonder what type of caterpillar it is. A butterfly one?

In any case the herb is devoured now. Almost nothing left of its pretty leaves.

I moved the plant away from my bedroom window sill (an outside sill, obviously, not inside, I hate bugs) and left it alone.


I got bored. 😀

So, after a couple of sips glasses of wine, I took a stick and poked one.

Look closely to see what happens…

I really shouldn’t be left unsupervised. 😎

Also, do you think it’ll haunt me now while I sleep tonight? 😀

33 thoughts on “The freakiest thing in my yard

  1. We have lots of grasshoppers and we use some kind of hot sauce and water spray to get rid of them. Haven’t noticed this type of caterpillar. Discovered a mummified frog dried out the other night under my chair in the living room. Still not sure how he entered the house. Perils of living in Florida. As long as he is not a snake.

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  2. OMG! Are they on any other plants? And four of them at once. Let me suggest not walking under any trees. You might find some dropping on your head…
    BTW- Google notes Swallowtail caterpillars like to eat rue so seems as if these guys are looking to fill up before they take that life changing step and cocoon up for transformation.

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