A blog post about numbers: 2 and 8

I bought a new pair of pants today.

When I went to try them on, I brought in the size I usually wear and a lower size which I used to wear. One can hope, right?

The lower size “looked” like it was my current size when I held it up to my hips. Could it be? Could I have actually managed to not gain weight even without boot-camp?

The lady in the fitting room at Winners gave me a complicated scenario through her mask which I only partially understood but she held up two fingers and attached a sticky note to my pants’ hanger with a 2 on it, plus gave me the plastic number plate thingy with a 2 on it for the number of items I was trying on and after all that, I figured 2 was my lucky number and went to dressing room 2 with my two items.

Are you still following me?

(And NO I am NOT a size 2.) πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Anyway. 😡

I tried on the lower size.

(Fine. It’s an 8. Happy now?)

Guess what.

It fit!



I was kind of thrilled about that. I’m still struggling with certain areas where I should have a bit more muscle tone instead of, you know, roundness…but whatever.

My size 8 fit again. πŸ˜€

Note: I’ve been an 8 most of my adult life except for two occasions:

1) Starving University student morphed into student-loan-debt carrying poorly paid flight attendant

2) Pregnancy and nursing periods

Then, middle age and perimenopause happened and suddenly I was a 10 more often than an 8.

Here’s the thing. When I got home I tried them on again, just to reassure myself I didn’t make a mistake.

That’s when I noticed something.

The pants were made of stretchy material. πŸ™„


Whatever. I still like them, and they’re black which is supposed to be slimming and all that.

After I put them in the wash, I thought about my discovery and decided, I am fine as long as I am healthy.


I am fine and I deserve cake.

Which is why I ate this:

Don’t @ me. I don’t wanna talk about it.

Besides, my clutter and mess creating tween, who generates this…

…baked the chocolate cake for Father’s Day, and I only had one small piece on Sunday, and the cake is almost all gone, and I really wanted another slice, so…

…I had some. πŸ˜›

I decided, clutter and mess be damned, if she’s gonna bake cakes like this, I’m gonna keep her around. ❀

27 thoughts on “A blog post about numbers: 2 and 8

  1. I”ve had too much cake (and other stuff). I’m uncomfortable in most of my clothes and I hate it. I just bought two pairs of shorts online at a size larger than usual. I feel like I’m giving in but I’m also tired of wearing the same pair every day!! I try to remember “eating this whatever doesn’t feel as good as being skinny”, or something like that, but it doesn’t seem to stop me. Help!!

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    1. I cut sugar and flour and eat whole foods 75% of the time.

      Then I have cake or wine or something I shouldn’t but figure as long as I don’t indulge in that stuff daily I should get away with cake once in a while.

      My body adjusted to this mentality over time. Cutting sugar and white flour completely actually recalibrates your brain somehow. It’s hard, first 3 days especially, but then it works.

      I had a slice of cake on Sun for Father’s day but didn’t crave it again till Thurs.

      Honestly, I love food too much to stick to any one diet, but sugar and flour are so not important when you have an abundance of whole foods around you, I don’t miss it that much. (Winter is harder…pasta and pastries prevail.)

      Try it! If I can do it, anyone can.

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  2. I fit into a size 8 but am more comfortable with size 10. I looked for a bathing suit yesterday. So funny, I visited the granddaughter and of course, she is a beautiful, age 16 wearing a bikini enjoying the pool they have here and she was like, “you can’t find a bathing suit.” Well, giggling like beautiful 16 year olds do. I will find one eventually but I was hesitant to get size 8-10 as I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea about me at the beach. LOL.

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    1. I’m the same, especially with winter clothes. I prefer the slightly bigger size for comfort.

      And yes, the bathing suit/bikini situation is not easy. I found a tankini before that looks like a bathing suit but is in two pieces.

      Good luck with your search.

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