Talking as a form of exercise πŸ˜€

Last night after dinner I went for a walk.

And by walk I mean the opposite of walking. I mean mostly standing around and talking to people. πŸ˜€

Seriously, I didn’t think it would be that busy in my neighbourhood at 7:45 pm…but everyone was out.

First, I walked past a house where a girl my daughter knows lives. They have a dog, Lilly.

Well the dad and Lilly were hanging around the front steps. When Lilly saw me she immediately tugged at her leash so I stopped to talk to Mark (while petting the dog who lay by my feet). He’s a pilot and we got into all the fun covid-related topics about how it affected the aviation industry. He’s on the corporate side (not airline), unemployed now but getting called back. He may have to travel to a covid hot spot for simulator training in the US which he’s worried about.

While I stood there a mom with two young children walked by. Of course we all know each other because all the kids met at school so we made plans for a socially distanced coffee date.

When they left, Mark and I resumed our conversation. Suddenly it dawned on me I wasn’t getting any exercise if I keep standing here in front of their house.

I was about to say goodbye when Frodo, a wirefox Terrier and his human, another mom, wandered by.

Yap yap yap we chattered like hens in a hen house… πŸ˜‚

Frodo and Lilly sniffed and played for a bit, then Frodo left dragging his human behind him.

It was at that point I realized two things:

To prevent my leg from cramping up again, I needed to walk, and…

I needed to pee. Not immediately, but soon. πŸ™„

So. I tore myself away from the pilot and his dog, and continued toward the outdoor pool and baseball diamond.

Up ahead lay the street where Jasper lives, the little BichonPoo I used to walk when my dog walking business was still an income-generating, exercise-inducing endeavor. 😒

Sensing I would have to be close to a loo within the next 15 minutes or less, I made the bold decision to cut through the diamond and not risk another populated street, with people who would want to chat, and head back home.

A little exercise is better than no exercise…

Except. 😳

A woman standing socially distanced with a small group of people on the grass portion of the diamond kept looking over at me.

I recognized her and her husband and two kids, one of whom is my daughter’s close friend.

So naturally I detoured closer toward her and we started chatting. πŸ˜„

Because of course we did.

Unsurprisingly, after months of being locked up, everyone is starved for social connections. The entire ‘hood was a party, it seemed. 😎

But I kept it short, realizing the urgency of my situation and hobbled across the field.

Hobbled because my leg still hurts despite the stretching and because my brain confuses talking with walking as viable exercise…

Maybe I’m just as starved for social connections as everyone else. Even the most introverted among us sometimes must get out of their four walls (and their own head)…

I returned home, raced to the loo, washed my hands for 60 seconds even though I never touched anyone or anything, cleaned the mirror from those spots people leave when they floss, gave the sink a wipe, took the soap container to the kitchen to refill it, returned it to the bathroom, made a mental note the towels need washing, went back to the living room, looked at the mess and then…

…I pushed the clutter blocking the booze cabinet aside with my foot, took out a brandy glass and poured a generous amount of Courvoisier into it.

Then I sipped it on the couch.

My house is beginning to look like a landfill. Three months of constant togetherness, school and work are to blame.

It’s a small house (i.e. not a McMansion), with the main living portion full of lived-in evidence (aka clutter to keep creative children occupied) and I cannot begin to tell you how this wears on me.

There is no place to escape, no place for respite…no extra room. No counter space.

Even my outdoor office isn’t always a good alternative (it’s weather dependent ).

I need a place to go and sit, in an ergonomically correct chair (not on the bed), at an ergonomically correct desk or table (not at the ottoman), away from noise and distractions (high traffic areas like kitchen/living room). I need an office. (She Shed idea is dead. Don’t@ me.)


Yesterday I purchased a domain.

My first one.

It’s now or never to push my writing career.

Question is: how am I going to do this in the current conditions?

I’m going to have to find a new way to learn how to focus.

28 thoughts on “Talking as a form of exercise πŸ˜€

  1. OK, she shed is dead 😦 I won’t ask why – but you have an outdoor office? Does that mean you can use if for 6 months of the year? And good on you for registering a domain. I have so many now but I’m going to lapse a few. May I ask what it is?
    And “Frodo, a wirefox Terrier” – wow!! I have a smooth and I have always wanted a wire too. However my dog days are over and when my old girl (13) passes across the rainbow bridge I am sticking with cats.
    I am the same with walking by the way – I will stop and talk to anyone about dogs and it makes me feel happy and community-minded when I smile or say hello and stop to chat in my town. I read somewhere that life satisfaction is fed by these small daily interactions. They all add up to quell loneliness. I think it’s important anyway and I don’t care if no one else does πŸ™‚

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    1. Outdoor office is stretching it. It’s a table on a tiny deck in back. Table is round and bistro-cafe like…and the deck is not covered so it’s weather dependent. Right now the weather is hot and the humidity manageable but as of mid July I probably won’t last outside past 10 am…


      But I may have found a solution…

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  2. I totally agree! Focusing has been an issue with all these people (my family) around, no quiet, no privacy, no space to think! I use a board and a wingback chair as my writing space in my bedroom. It’s not optimum but I claim it as my own. Congrats on the new domain! C

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  3. I haven’t walked for three weeks because of my back, but when I was walking in the neighbourhood, I tried to walk around 4:30-5pm so I wouldn’t have to stop and talk to people and not be able to get my exercise in. I now have an excuse, as supper is in the oven so I can’t be too long, plus everyone else is inside making theirs! Mid-afternoon or after supper is the worst time as everyone is outside then, unless you feel like socializing. I walk with my music on, so it’s my meditative time. Goodluck with the domain – I have no idea what that entails….but am assuming it’s a commitment of sorts if it involves money?

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    1. I suspect the dogs prefer after supper temperatures which explains why so many people were out walking them at that time. πŸ™‚

      Yes the domain costs money. But my free WP is close to capacity anyway, I had to make a decision. The new domain allows me to transfer my content and keep it. I will need to sit and play around with it over the next few days and figure out what’s what. Then I’ll share. πŸ™‚

      Hope your back feels better soon.

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  4. Focus? So I was walking down the street today….and I saw a bird so I turned left….then I missed the store I was heading towards….circled back….twenty minutes in store remembering what I wanted to buy…cash register…forgot wallet….so focus you say?


  5. Sweet! A domain is an important first step. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have about the process, offer advice, etc. My first dot last name domain houses my old blog, but primarily functions as a portfolio for my work. Not that it gets much use these days given that I’m gainfully employed and not currently seeking freelance work. But it’s there if I need it!

    I like the pilot’s name, by the way. It’s sturdy and honorable. Downright noble, if I do say so myself.

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    1. I will take you up on the offer and shamelessly bother you for (most likely obvious) answers as I dabble with my new domain. That’s a promise, but then you did offer… πŸ˜›

      Thank you.

      And, I wonder why you like the pilot’s name so much…πŸ˜„

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  6. Irene Nemirovsky wrote Suite Francaise on little scraps of paper, while living on the run from the Nazis. She didn’t survive, but her book did. Though not nearly as dire, I’ve heard that Louisa May Alcott handwrote Little Women at the family dining table, surrounded by the bedlam of her homelife. Just saying. We’re all guilty of it–thinking that we’ll get (back) to writing when /the room is ready/ the kids are in school/when this or that stressor is over. In truth, we just need to get to it. I include myself in this procrastination. I have at least three unfinished novels. I promised myself that I’d finish at least one of them this year. Then covid/ a couple of injuries/ trees and gardens and…. I just need to get to it. A minimum of 2000 words a day. Today is a good day to start.

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    1. I know this too. I get derailed after a while when the accumulation gets too much. I have nothing but respect and admiration for people who can shut the world out and focus on their task. It’s not an unobtainable skill…my job is to pass the hurdles that hold me back.

      Thank you, as always, for your feedback. πŸ™‚


      1. For whatever it’s worth, I know numerous writers who feel blocked by current events. One has sworn off all news and social media, because it interferes with his craft.

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