A nothing post

My left leg hurts.

I can barely walk.

It’s the upper thigh location. Searing pain, as if I pulled a muscle.

But I haven’t done anything other than sitting.

Maybe it’s all the sitting…

Today is the day I start stretching again. Maybe add some weights. Light lifting, short time frame, easing into it.

I miss boot camp. This quarantine life sucks.

I’m going to take an Advil…


I went grocery shopping. There was a short line at the entrance, and I got in within two minutes of arriving. I bought food. It was an uneventful trip other than my hobbling around rubbing my thigh every once in a while, and now I have all these bags of food I need to cook or freeze and…I’m sitting again. (I did put the cold stuff into fridge, but the rest of the stuff is still scattered on the counter while I sip tea on the couch talking to you…)

My life is so exciting.

The good news is there was fresh salmon on sale, and Farm Boy has this amazing Sesame Ginger marinade, which I brush on the fish, and then grill it on the bbq. Let’s hope I don’t walk away or get distracted again (like last time). I really don’t want to burn the house down today…

Also, my mesclun salad in the garden is ready for picking so that will be the accompaniment to my cooking event tonight. Yep, the little woodchucks haven’t figured out yet that I have a veggie plot! (Hope I didn’t jinx it now.)


I did stretch earlier. I even used a hot beanbag on my leg while I stretched, to help ease the pain. And I rubbed some Arnica cream on it as well.

I don’t know what’s going on – am I just old and falling apart?

I’m old and falling apart.


I read a post that popped up on google news this morning about Tom Petty. There’s a song, Won’t Back Down, that was used in some campaign thing Trump organized recently. You’ll have to forgive my ignorance but I try to stay off the news as much as possible, especially regarding the American President, but that headline caught my attention.


Because stealing other people’s work or using it without permission is not acceptable. It bothered me to read that Tom’s song was used for campaign purposes at a political rally without permission, and the family is right to file a cease-and-desist suit.

Who does this kind of thing? Oh wait…



Speaking of creativity, I have jump-started my submission of written pieces to various outlets again. I go through ups and downs with this process; should I submit queries? Or entire manuscripts? Should I self-publish? Find an agent? Go back to entering contests?

It sure would be nice if I had a clearer path to follow. Also, an income would be nice until my dog walking business resumes…

Side note: Thanks, Matt, for your link, I will look into your entity and get back to you.


There you go. A nice non-post. Happy Monday. πŸ™‚


20 thoughts on “A nothing post

  1. I heard today that you are 8 years younger in Ethiopia. Well, that is that. A move…or if not, a good fantasy novel to write. I guess as we get older, we just have to ride with the times and keep exercising when we can as long as we remember our towels, face masks, take a dose of hand cleanser and remember to sign in. It is easier to walk a milk in the hood.

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  2. I think Trump also used a Springsteen song without permission during the last election? The man has no morals about anything. Why would he so much as hesitate to grab something that doesn’t belong to him? Sure hasn’t stopped him before.

    An uncle of mine once said, “Old age is hell.” It kind of became his motto.

    He was, like, 34 when he said it…

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