Coffee from the back porch

Good morning and Happy Fathers Day to those of you who are fathers, and up. (It’s 7 am in EST Canada as I type this, so that means Europe mostly…)

I’m sitting in a wet spot and my coffee cup is empty. 😳

The wet spot is courtesy of the dew from overnight – I don’t think it rained…

The old, ripped lawn chair cushions were left out by whomever was outside last (hint: not me) which normally isn’t a big deal if the night is dry. Right? But the humidity content in the air yesterday was about 600% so…anyway. Tweet a meteorologist if you want to understand any if this.

Point is, I’m sitting in a wet spot yearning for more coffee but I’m too lazy to get up. πŸ˜€

I was looking at my stats today. I rarely do this because analyzing stats is a business thing and this isn’t a business blog so I don’t care what the stats say. But I’m bored, my tushy is wet and I’m out of coffee…

…so I clicked and spent some time looking at the countries thing.

More specifically, the map.

Cool, right?

I wish I could expand Europe a bit and look closer (and maybe I can zoom on the laptop but I’m on mobile now) because I saw on the list of countries that there are quite a few views which don’t show up well on this teeny map. Like Switzerland. And Belgium.

Anyway, I’m rambling about this because I find geography fascinating. And blogging gives us this fun opportunity to reach wide and far across the globe which is also amazing. I have (at last count) a German and a French follower who have translations on their blogs. These two ladies are much more clever than I am. πŸ˜€

Side note: I got up to make more coffee and in the time I was inside the wet spot on the chair has dried. That’s how hot it is already.

Next beverage after this one will include ice cubes. πŸ˜‰

20 thoughts on “Coffee from the back porch

  1. What a great post, I’m a follower from the USA, and I too check stats from time to time. I wasn’t sure if the hits I get from foreign countries was just a mistake? If not, that’s pretty cool! I have a lot from Russia? How about you? C

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  2. It always amazes me when I pick up a reader from some far away exotic land. Makes me wonder just how boring their country has to be for them to be interested in my endless woodchuck posts.

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  3. Yay, I’m a blip on your map πŸ˜‰

    I don’t generally bother with stats either, but it can be quite interesting on occasion to see where your followers are coming from.

    Enjoy yoyr next drink πŸ˜‰

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