Beer, fire and some observations

A couple of nights ago two unusual things happened to me:

First, I had a beer. This beer.

I have just recently discovered that sometimes, a beer hits the spot better than wine. Also, I was bbq-ing and almost burnt the house down because something fatty dripped and caused all these flames πŸ”₯…

… but I saved the meat (and bbq and house) from disaster which is why… beer. 🍺

Side note: Gin is next on my list of boozy experimentation. Something floral. Stay tuned and send good vibes I’m not setting things on fire by then anymore.

Second, I went for a walk in the park by the lake.

You may recall I was once a dog walker/sitter. Recently. Pre-pandemic times, like three months ago. Walking is what I did at least once a day, sometimes several times a day.

I haven’t walked much in the past three months. No one needs a dog walker because everyone is home to walk their own dogs. 😐

But my tween invited me to go for a walk so I decided why the heck not.

Ask me how my legs felt the next day. (Don’t ask.)

Pro tip: severe inactivity during pandemics is not recommended. πŸ˜‚

Anyway. Three out of four of us marched off toward the pebble beaches after dinner. The fourth refused to come. Something about his legs being sore. (We measured him, he grew two inches in two months…probably explains his pain.)

I have some observations to report:

There were more people in the park than I’ve ever seen. Most were in small groups of family members (it’s kind of obvious) or distancing friends/neighbours (for the most part).

There were at least double as many people riding bikes than on a weekend, and so many dogs! I bet the dogs get walked more now than they ever did before…

I also noticed another thing – the time was around 7:30 pm (ish). That time is usually not an active park-going time on a week day. You know why? Because that’s the time when all the kids are heading off to activities under non-pandemic conditions. Right now (spring/summer) is prime baseball time (practices, games)…earlier (March) would have still been hockey and other ice sports.

So it was weird to see all the families out relaxing, walking dogs and children, playing Frisbee, throwing sticks or stones into the lake…

It made us wonder if there is a shift in the collective parenting mentality when it comes to sports, competitive sports in particular. We know we’re contemplating a slowdown once this madness is over (if it’ll ever be completely over…)

The kids have both said they’d like to keep the winter sports going (at rinks), but the rest of the year, they’re happy to be less rushed.

I’m fine with that.

The next day I massaged my sore calves before dressing in regular clothes to head out of town for the day. Typically my stay-at-home clothes are a tank or workout tee and tights or shorts. Something comfy. But I had appointments to take my mom to which included a law office and a bank (plus Whole Foods where mom likes to do her shopping) so I put on proper clothes.

And shoes with a bit of a heel.

And a necklace. And earrings.

And eyeliner and mascara.



We got everything done, mom made me a nice lunch, I brought her some dinner from home so she won’t have to cook, I fixed and updated her laptop and desktop and we looked at a few things mom discovered as she’s sorting through my dad’s papers.

His homework, for instance. He took German and Arabic lessons back in the day and kept his notebooks. 😊

It’s the weekend! Does this mean anything to anyone? I’m currently nursing a bit of a headache, probably the high humidity pressure system pushing on my brain, but coffee will alleviate this shortly (and/or Advil if needed).

Perhaps I may do some writing today. Or gardening. Or both.

But definitely a nap is in order.


23 thoughts on “Beer, fire and some observations

  1. Love a G&T myself πŸ™‚ Also I promote the idea of getting dressed as normal most days, but if I don’t leave the house or have video calls, sometimes I don’t wear makeup and wear non-presentable clothes! ha ha My everyday must haves are neat/dark eyebrows and decent hair!

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  2. My vote goes to beer. Fresh, light, frothy. Besides, if you made a new fire principle, it’ll serve as fire extinguishers.


  3. Beer solves everything πŸ˜‰ It’s certainly hitting the spot for me right now, after an afternoon in the garden πŸ˜€

    I’ve never been a big fan of gin, although I do quite like the occasional glass of jenever which is the Dutch/Flemish equivalent.

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  4. I’m a gin fan! Bombay Sapphire is good stuff, too. I like it pretty simple: mixed with club soda and fresh squeezed lime juice. I used to do gin and tonics, but tonic water is loaded with sugar. Sometimes, simple is best.

    I may have to make myself some of those this evening, after our day of exploring. (Yes, weekends still mean a lot to me…probably because I don’t see Tara 24/7.)

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  5. I’m sorry…. I couldn’t get past the fact that you’re going to experiment with gin. Does this mean you’ve never tasted that particular nectar of the Gods?
    I may have to rethink our friendship.

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    1. I have. But it’s been too long. I have Sapphire here…in the blue bottle. Thenm someone brought my mom a bottle of actual blue coloured gin. SO. I took it (since mom doesn’t drink) and I’m currently thinking up of ways to play with that (maybe tonight).

      OK then girlfriend??

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