Blogging from my outdoor office

It feels like Friday today.

It’s not Friday…not that it matters, really.

I do what I do and I do it day by day by day by day. (Doug and the Slugs)

Today I had a bunch of hurdles preventing me from moving forward on multiple projects.

First, people were distracting me from my focus. THANKS A LOT. You know who you are. πŸ˜‰

Second, I seem to have developed some sort of sensitivity or allergy to the following:

  • outdoor air
  • sunshine (?)
  • chocolate
  • nuts
  • chocolate and nuts together
  • fizzy flavoured soda water (San Pellegrino Aranciata Rossa)

I have all these weird symptoms now… 😡

Which is why I spent most of yesterday indoors on my bed writing naughty stories. Ha! πŸ˜‡

My eyes were bothering me outside. Teary and itchy. Uncomfortable. I couldn’t even put my contact lenses in.

I don’t have seasonal allergies that I know of. Ugh.

But this morning the sun was beckoning again, so I was hoping I could return to my little outdoor office. I did.

I’m typing this there right now…

Except I have a stomach ache. Probably from the chocolate and nut combination. 😐

I never had an allergy toward that before, either. And before you roll your eyes at me, I had a small piece, a square inch, not some obnoxious amount that would justify my discomfort now. Boo.

Third, I have finally achieved mental readiness to finish creating my KDP Amazon self-publishing account. Except…the bank account I opened last week is not showing as active. How can it not be active? I went into the account, I see it there on my screen…


So. I have to deal with that in order continue with the self-publishing thingy…because that’s part of the information I have to put into the registration format. You know, for the trickle of royalties I’ll be making.



There’s that.

There’s other news. The family, my sporty athletic children, have now taken up a new sport. Because their sports – baseball (both), gymnastics (her), hockey (him), ringette (her) – are not active and may not be, the boys decided they were going to take up golf.

According to my teenage son, golf is what hockey players play in the off-season.

This caused a slew of shopping for clubs, one got new (the adult) and one got used ones from kijiji (the teen). Apparently they will require attire too.

All I keep think about that is, go ahead! If it gets me some solitude and uninterrupted time, I’m all for it! (They went to the driving range today for an hour. They were gone for two. It’s… a start.) πŸ™‚

And so another day comes to a close. Perhaps tonight I will treat myself to a glass of wine, since I already cheated on my sugar-free diet with chocolate, and re-attempt to complete my KDP thingy.

What’s happening in your neck of the woods? See you in the comments!

38 thoughts on “Blogging from my outdoor office

  1. I’m about to return to work full-time – well… working from home full time. So there’s that. I’ve also gone through all my social media over the last few days, and cut a LOT of it back – it feels a lot like weeding an overgrown garden. The weekend looks like it will be my own, which is nice.

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    1. You deserve a weekend all on your own!

      I’m tired of social media. I blog when I feel like it which isn’t daily. I met some fun new bloggers recently which has helped me get out of the routine a bit. But…I too cut back. πŸ™‚


  2. I’m so distracted! I sit down to write, remember I forgot to flush the toilet, then I return after petting the demanding dog, but my coffees cold, I pound out three words when I notice all the dust? Maybe after lunch?

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  3. Does this mean that golfers play hockey in the offseason?

    Speaking of, I swung a golf club yesterday. A miniature one. But I sank the putt, so that was a proud moment for me (and probably the highlight of my day, since I did not have wine).

    I also did not have any “fun” distractions!

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  4. Most professors do work a lot as do adjuncts albeit at home correcting and revising curriculum. Do you get out often together to walk? We are in Florida, so most would assume we are at the beach but not always. Once you have been there many times, you enjoy a walk in the area!

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    1. We were remarking just how little time we had for evening walks before. At least half the family was at an activity on most night. The kids loved their sports and miss it now, but this slowing down is a nice change of pace.

      We walk more when we’re looking after a dog. Since they/we are getting a puppy in the fall I suspect more walking is in our future. πŸ™‚

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  5. It’s rained for 2 days solid. We had to drag our parents out for a walk and then get towelled down when we got back. They don’t look like they appreciated our efforts at ensuring they get some exercise. I could have been digging holes in the garden!


  6. The flavoured water is probably the problem. You should stick to wine or coffee πŸ˜‰

    We’re looking forward to another sunny weekend and a three-month-delayed birthday celebration for the oldest boy on Sunday. And then next week, we will be doing it all over again for the twins.

    Good luck with the Amazon account.

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  7. We have SUN! Yay!! Although the drive home was torture: road construction on one route, super slow traffic on the other so I just blasted out tunes with my windows down and sang along.
    A bottle of Angry Orchard Hard Cider-Rose’ and now I have the start of a headache- because any amount of alcohol does that to me anymore. I should go drink water…lots of water.

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  8. If you’re looking for a way to get them out of the house, you can’t beat golf. Tell them to forget the driving range and get a tee time. 9 hole course? Gives you over 2 hours peace and quiet, 18 holes? 4 hours. Encourage this sport if you value your sanity.

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