Loosening the clutches of lock-down

I guess summer vacation came a bit early this year what with the school year disrupted since March.

I think technically, the kids are done this semester. Most teachers expected final hand-in of work by June 12 and the remaining two weeks are used for finalizing report cards.

So the kids, already on a reduced schedule, have had quite a bit of free time just as phase 1 of reopening began.


In my naive mom-brain, I anticipated some freedom from the clutches of lock-down. I especially looked forward to people, teenagers, leaving the house now that the weather has improved so much. You know, like kids used to back in the old days three months ago. 😢

“Don’t you want to see your friends?” I enticed them.

“We’re not allowed,” they responded.

So I pulled up the website with the phase 1 information and educated them.

“It says here a group of five is acceptable as long as you keep your distance from each other.” (I think it’s up to 10 now…)

One kid took note, the other not so much.

But then, just as I was getting a little exasperated at all this sitting around All The Time… a miracle happened.

A couple of days ago, while I was sipping a cool beverage in the backyard after dinner, I heard the garage door open. I figured the kids were going for a bike ride together, something they’ve been doing regularly recently.

Except, the usual sibling banter was missing.

I wondered briefly about this oddity, but didn’t get up to investigate.

A while later, I went inside to refresh my beverage. As I wandered into the open concept kitchen I noticed in my peripherals the tween girl in her craft corner.

Didn’t she go with her brother?

The man was watching tv.

“Did the boy go out for a ride on his own?” I asked him, thinking that would be a little unusual.

No, was the answer. Apparently, there was a knock on the door and three of his school buddies who live in the ‘hood were out on their bikes and dropped by. I guess my kid took his bike and joined them.

I cannot tell you how happy this made me! Mostly for my son, who is a little introverted and struggled a bit with all his sports cancellations, but also for me.

Does this mean the kids are getting more comfortable to get out of the house, and hang out together?

As if on cue, my tween informed me a day later that she has plans with friends on the weekend. There was some debate about where to go (which park), how to get there (walking/cycling) and who with.

As I sit here in blissful sunshine on my back porch typing out my slice of life story for you, the tween did in fact head out to meet a friend earlier.

She was so cute. She packed a lunch for a picnic, grabbed her mask (just in case), her phone and off she went. On foot, to meet a friend for a picnic.

I sure hope they keep it up.

As for me?

Currently I’m alone, surrounded by birdsong and my own thoughts, wondering what I should do with myself today. One thing that has saved me from all this constant togetherness has been my back porch/yard, even though I can’t exactly claim I’ve remained uninterrupted. The birdsong, which I enjoy, sometimes gets really loud! There is a red-winged black bird that has a screech reminiscent of the toddler days… (lol)

Oh, and then, this guy came along.

I named him Ralph in the hopes he isn’t a girl with babies. He comes here to eat weeds, and is probably eyeing my mesclune salad growing in the veggie patch. So if Ralph is in fact a girl, then I’m screwed.

What’s up for you this weekend? Tell me something to pass my time.

50 thoughts on “Loosening the clutches of lock-down

  1. When I read your sentence: I heard the garage door open… I thought I’d follow a suspense scene; But it wasn’t. Anyway, the lockdown is loosening up, good news now.

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  2. We had a picnic in the backyard πŸ˜‡..and there was a guest too β€”mr.raccoon 🦝 ..at First glance I thought of some cute names for the big walking rat until my neighbour told me that it was a raccoonπŸ€ͺπŸ˜‡

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  3. Good news on the kiddos getting out and seeing friends again, that’s so good for their mental health! And you had a moment to focus, write, sit with your thoughts! That is precious these days. Let’s hope Ralph indeed identifies as a male? You’ll know soon enough! C

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  4. School has ended for our eldest now as well. Normally he would spend the last two weeks in exams but, with all exams cancelled, he just has to go in for one half-day session to wind up the term. The twins are back at school though — four days a week until the end of June.

    And on Friday, we all went out! To a restaurant! For the first time in months! It was fantastic!

    For the rest of the weekend we have been mainly enjoying the sun and spending time in the garden.

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      1. You know me too well πŸ˜‰

        I started with an Omer traditional blonde which I ordered by mistake, and then switched to a Trappistes Rochefort which was a lot better πŸ™‚

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      2. If course I did πŸ™‚

        They do have very different glasses. My mistake was to misread the menu. I saw Omer and read Orval.

        I shall try to pay more attention in future πŸ˜‰

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  5. Loved that post !! This weekend I’ll be getting things ready for my oldest son who graduates πŸŽ“ from 8th grade on Monday. To say he has earned this is a understatement. I know it β€œ only” 8th grade but this boy has grown so much in two years. He deserves a special celebration.

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  6. Let’s see… I took an hour long walk this morning, came home and cooked for the week, did a grocery order to restock the pantry, stopped to admire the neighbors new hanging baskets, replenished the disinfecting spray for my car, did some reading, contemplated trimming my hair, got really ticked off because family of another neighbor filled our shared garbage bin with all her crap they are throwing away (and pick up is 4 days away!!) so there is no more room for anyone else’s crap, and now I am eating just baked peanut butter cookies. After that I will probably finish binge watching a Netflix medical documentary called Lenox Hill before dinner, read some more and eventually go to bed.

    Oh, and it’s raining and cold so no adult beverages in the sun for me.

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  7. I spent the day mowing, weeding and trimming the lawn. Next up is an adult beverage on the porch
    while I watch the husband grill some lovely steaks and corn on the cob.
    Say hello to Ralph for me. But honestly? Ralph or Ralphette, your salad is probably screwed.

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  8. I have to admit my doofusness here, because a) I wasn’t sure what Ralph was other than perhaps a hybrid of a capybara mating with a guinea pig, b) I had no idea that groundhogs and woodchucks were the same thing, and c) all I knew about woodchucks was that they could chuck a lot of wood, and I figured they were basically a beaver.

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