Drama from the crown (of a pine tree)

Yesterday I was hanging laundry on a self-made, temporary gazebo contraption (which was moved to an odd location while we wait for the new sod to take) when suddenly, there was a really loud noise.

My mom was nearby and I looked at her before looking up toward a huge pine tree in my next door neighbour’s abandoned garden.

It was coming from up there.

This picture was taken the day after the drama. The day OF the drama, the sky was bright blue and the sun was right there above the tree.

The noise sounded like chattering, by a chorus of some type of wildlife.

We have much wildlife here in my little corner of the big city: raccoons, groundhogs, coyotes, rabbits, squirrels, birds…sometimes deer stray down here as well from a nearby park. πŸ˜€

“That’s the squirrels, making that noise,” mom said.

Sounds like a chorus, I thought while gazing upwards. You could see the top quarter of the very tall pine swaying back and forth despite it being a wind-free day.

The chattering got louder and more animated. Mom went inside – it was lunchtime and the sun was brutally hot.

I continued the laundry.

After a while I saw five black crows simultaneously fly out of the crown of the tree and hover nearby, all staring at the same location.

The chatter got even louder. The crows somehow communicated with each other to descend back into the tree branches and then…

…all hell broke loose. 😳

I stopped hanging laundry and moved myself into a sliver of shade near the corner of the house.

What is going on up there?

The chatter continued for a few more seconds, joined by the crows making their own noise, and then suddenly, all five of them flew off.

Almost immediately, the chattering stopped.

Here’s what’s left me pondering:

Was it the squirrel(s) protecting their young from the crows that caused all this drama?

Or was it the crows trying to protect their nest(s) from the squirrels?

Or perhaps it was simply a territorial dispute over real estate. πŸ˜‚

I guess I’ll never know.

30 thoughts on “Drama from the crown (of a pine tree)

  1. This is the spontaneous photo of wildlife. Far from being a state of peace and harmony, the animal relationship is of competence and frequent struggle.

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  2. There was quite the kerfuffle one day last week in my backyard: a showdown between a couple of mourning doves (who have a nest in our fir tree) and a bunch of sparrows. Got real territorial there for a few minutes. Reminded me a bit of Republicans vs. Democrats here in the states.

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  3. That much noise during the warmer months here usually means there is a python around somewhere. It is interesting to note that all species of birds will band together to harass a snake!

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  4. The whole time I’m waiting for you to say the tree started falling and you had to run for your life! Thought it was going to get squirrely! But no it was a crow-in! Bahaha, loved the subliminal message. C

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    1. They used to bother my friend’s adolescent Shepherd, Riley. He would try to chase them and they would run up the tree branch and sit, just out of reach, and chatter at him. He would look at us all perplexed and my friend said “they’re making fun of him”.

      Yup. lol

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  5. From experience, crows NEVER give up if anyone or anything is pestering one of their own. They will literally kill intruders before they give up so I have a feeling the squirrels were the unlucky ones in this battle.

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      1. Their community groups are frightening to watch when they are attempting to take out an intruder. Hoards of them fly in from all directions…!

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