A really bad mood has overcome me today, just out of the blue. In the later part of the afternoon.

Should I attribute this to general malaise with everything going on in the world? Or should I berate too much “happy” family togetherness in too small, tight quarters, for too freaking long? Or maybe I should just blame the usual: too much clutter, no escape or solitude, or wayward children who say they’re bored but refuse to listen to any suggestions from me.

Anyway I started cleaning the bedroom. I vacuumed and decluttered and threw out stuff and made piles and…it did make me feel a bit better for a while.

Then I put fresh sheets on the bed. THIS will improve my mood significantly tonight, I think.


I may go to bed at 8 PM. Or even 7:30 if anyone dares to talk to/at me, or tries to engage me in a ‘it’s her turn, not it’s not, it’s his turn‘ debate about kitchen duty.

Yes. I’m in that sort of a mood.

But I will forgive myself today. I will refrain from calling myself a train-wreck and allow myself to ride this emotional roller coaster.


I don’t know what else to do.

Perhaps this is my brain processing today’s events.

Today was the day I accompanied my mom to the crematorium to pick up my dad. He was in a box.

Yes. I think I’m allowed a little volatility. Don’t you think?

PS I turned comments off on purpose.