Bone broth in summer? I say: why not?

Of all the things to cook on a hot day, I decided today I needed to make bone broth.

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I like a good quality stock. It is so versatile and goes beyond soups. When I run out I sorely miss it.

I ran out a few weeks ago.

The flavour, the healthful properties, everything is improved in homemade stocks and broths. Right? I can also control the amount of salt. Most store-bought broths are way too heavily salted for my taste.

But since it is hot now up in my land, finally, and the soup cooking and eating has reduced somewhat (but not completely), I have plans to freeze my broth in ice cube trays. Next time I make a sauce or Mexican beef or tomato soup for the girl child or stew or any sort of sauce I can add a few cubes.

That’s beef broth you see in the picture above, but I also make chicken or vegetarian stock.

This time, I added a whole bag full of frozen veg odds and ends I saved especially for this purpose: ends of onions (plus skins), garlic and leeks, squash peel, carrots or celery (whatever parts the guinea pigs don’t eat), that sort of thing.

I put it all in the oven, filled an inch of water into my dutch oven, and roasted the bones and veg for a while. After about an hour I filled it completely with water, gave it a stir, added spices and then went out back to snip off some fresh Mother of Thyme.

Except…I froze in mid step.

The groundhog is back, no doubt eyeing my brand-new veggie beds and my freshly sprouted seedlings.


I guess my writing afternoon has now changed to ‘make contraptions to keep wildlife out of my garden beds’ afternoon.


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