More on Rue (the plant, mostly)

I bought an herb called Rue.

Pretty little Rue.

I mentioned this herb on a blog post the other day and all hell broke loose in the comments. (Not really, but some were fun!)

Here’s a new follower who left a funny comment; click her link to travel to her blog:

Ha. (And, um, no. I do not have worms of any kind, except those who live in my compost bin out back…) πŸ˜„

Anyway, the comments propelled me toward writing a thing about this herb called rue. But first, some definitions:

The French word for street is la rue.

Blanche Devereaux, the nymphomaniac Golden Girl, was played by the actor Rue McClanahan. Therefore, Rue is also a name.

Golden Girls tv show. Rue (Blanche) is the one on the bottom left.

Verb: to feel penitence, remorse, or regret for
Example: He must be ruing his decision now.

Noun: regret, sorrow
Example: I rue the day I agreed to this stupid plan.

Plant: Ruta graveolens

It’s the plant we’re interested in, right?

I looked it up to see how to use it in cooking, but it turns out it’s more of an ornamental plant than one to flavour food. It’s described as bitter, and that some individuals may experience gastric discomforts, which is probably why modern cuisine isn’t really reaching for our pretty little rue plant.

But then, my reading adventures had me stumble on this little treasure:

The Tacuinum Sanitatis, a medieval handbook on wellness from Medieval Roman times, lists these properties of rue:

  • Nature: Warm and dry in the third degree.
  • Optimum: That which is grown near a fig tree.
  • Usefulness: It sharpens the eyesight and dissipates flatulence.
  • Dangers: It augments the sperm and dampens the desire for coitus.
  • Neutralization of the Dangers: With foods that multiply the sperm.

Could someone explain to me what ‘augmenting of sperm’ is, exactly? Also, since I’m asking questions here, how is it that the so-called augmented sperm dampens the desire for coitus? 😳

Perhaps it’s best if we just keep rue away from the men. πŸ˜‚

I’ll probably plant it in an individual pot, and not in a group setting with the other herbs, just in case my little rue gets a little, um…frisky and causes all kinds of havoc with the scented, floral essence of my culinary herbs. πŸ˜‰

25 thoughts on “More on Rue (the plant, mostly)

  1. Writer of Words, etc. You are not the only running wreck…or what I mentioned today. It was all meant in good fun. I think I am often eclectic also. My semester has been a little rough and promises to continue this way in a similar pattern. Thanks for checking in on me from time to time. I would love a better paying job so I can afford these 3 hair way lights I am talking about. Thanks for understanding. Wishing your family better days.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You should see my hair, I kept going with the box until it was empty! lol (My mom is not impressed…) Maybe I’ll take another picture next week (maybe not). πŸ˜‰

      All good here. No worries. I have to get off this computer now and get my garden beds protected from the wildlife before the showers start again. πŸ™‚

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  2. Augmented sperm is interesting, but dissipated flatulence seems a more helpful side effect.
    Thanks for the shout out btw. Unless I receive a flood of worm infested followers… then I may curse you.

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  3. Not that I’m bitter but I rue the day I used it in a risotto – it did not taste good and though the reduction in borborygmus (excellent word – just looked it up!) was welcome, I can clearly see that other effects were less desirable.

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  4. I think I’ve got it.
    She: β€œHere Honey have some stew. It has Rue in it. β€œ
    He: β€œBut isn’t that bitter?
    She: β€œYes but it augments your sperm!”
    He: β€œOkay then. Give me a big bowl.”
    She: to herselfβ€”-but what really matters is that it reduces flatulence. And it will keep you from sniffing around me for awhile!

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      1. Sorry to disappoint … do you know if Bea Arthur’s sperm was ever tested? I heard he liked to eat Rue … 😳 alas, the day has not come, C. La


  5. I suspect augmentation would be along the lines of giving them little flippers to help them swim better, but dampening the desire for coitus leaves them stuck in the kiddie pool along with the intestinal worms.

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