Quarantine underground

While some places are opening up and allowing hair salons and barber shops to invite business back into their establishments, Toronto isn’t there (yet).

But here’s the thing:

I have come across several females recently who are sporting coiffures that, in my subjective, opinionated presumption, would be damn near impossible to create solo with just gloved hands and a box of Nice n’ Easy.

Judging by my own greys (I have very fast-growing hair), these women should be showing similar roots at their strategically placed side- or middle parts.

Just like me.

But they do not.

Nor do their coloured dos look plain and simple, which is what a box of hair colour does to one’s hair.

I know because I have plain and simple hair. When I colour my hair with a box, the whole she-bang gets coloured that shade of chocolate brown. No highlights, no contrasting colours, no frosting, no bleached tips or wisps*.

Point is, I noticed that the coiffed hair these women were showcasing had at least three different highlights, not to mention a style that would require a professional stylist with an arsenal of professional tools.

So. I’m wondering:

Is there – dare I say it – an organized black-market hairstylist group of peeps hanging around Toronto’s underground?

There must be.

I am not judging. Quite the opposite. I want someone to tell this goody-two-shoes straight-laced wound-too-tight angel gal – (me πŸ˜‡) – where to find such deviant stylists. πŸ™‚

Because…colouring my hair with a box every two-ish weeks is getting old.


I want a colour scheme like Catherine O’Hara from Schitt’s Creek, but in the reverse. And for that, I need a pro. 😡

Catherine O’Hara – I want this hair but in the reverse πŸ™‚

Which is why I’m asking again:

Where are the wayward stylists and how do I get a hold of them?

*Did you notice the asterisk? I have done things to my hair to mimic Catherine O’Hara’s hair, with a box, because I’m an idiot, but also because IF NOT NOW, WHEN, and also because I want to, which I may or may not blog about soon. If I do, I may or may not display photographic evidence of my hair-colouring shenanigans.


So there. πŸ˜„

26 thoughts on “Quarantine underground

  1. I think that hair style would look good on you in reverse! And, one blogger I read did talk about a secret hair salon in the basement of a friend’s home. I think they’re in the U.S. though, so a fat lot of good that does you unless you are willing to tunnel beneath the border.

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  2. My salon was open products for pick up once a week during the lock down. Masks and gloves and prepayment and your products delivered in a bag to the back/passenger/lift gate of your car. I do know in addition to shampoos conditioners and styling products they were doing ‘root kits’. So one could pick up their root kit and go home and sort their business to avoid the tell-tale signs around their part. Perhaps that’s what you’ve seen around your neck of the woods?
    I’m eager to see your Shitt’s Creek do! Good luck getting who and what you need! πŸ˜‰

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    1. They had properly coiffed hair. Done by a pro. At least one of them is friends with a salon owner. I bet she made house calls.

      I am selfishly envious and wish I could have a house call. A little pick me up in these confusing, terrible times.

      In the meanwhile, I’m ‘boxing’ it. I have a box and am not afraid to use it. Frosting I think it’s called.


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    Truly this article is worth reading. Thanks a lot for the share.


  4. Hairdressers never closed here. They are restricted about how many people in their salon, how long they can stay, they have to clean between each client, use hand sanitiser and keep records of who comes and goes.
    I go to a friend who has a salon in a shed in her back yard, she is amazing and very passionate about colouring.
    I think you should go for it!! Especially if you are supporting a woman who works from home because they are often the ones who need supporting the most!

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    1. I will go back to Karla when I need a trim. My hair is fairly long so that won’t be until it pisses me off, which could happen with the next heatwave. πŸ˜›

      My little salon up the street will need the business, they lost their esthetician recently who brought in regular business, so I definitely will go for a cut and maybe a colour to help support them as soon as they open.


  5. Here little by little the activities are recovering. Hairdressers receive customers, previously ask for shift, only one customer at a time. Still, there aren’t many clients for hairdressers, ladies can stand their grays.
    The hairdresser sends messages to my wife every week: -I have a shift available. When are you coming?
    Your solution will come.

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    1. I am hoping the salons will open soon. Mostly the barber shops though. My hair is long, no one notices when I need a cut, but the men in my household would love to get a proper cut. I did their hair, but I’m no professional…it’s good enough for now. πŸ™‚

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