Revamping the About page

I noticed recently that my About page was a little out of date. Certain things I had written there were several years old, and now with the pandemic, well lets just say that a lot has changed.

So around a month ago I re-vamped my About page. Want to see?

About Writer of Words etc

THEN, just last week, I had received a tribute about my blog by a fellow blogger and friend. Michael wrote this whole thing about me, and explained why he enjoys reading here.

It’s interesting to read what other people think about you, especially when it’s published on the internet. I’m lucky he was so kind (and funny)…I mean, it’s not a mistake that I sometimes call myself MeanMom™. With a self-appointed title like that, you gotta be careful… 😳

This is how he started:

If you’re interested to read the rest, click here.

Note: the picture he placed on top is perfectly matched. Not only is chocolate (dark!) a no-brainer, but raspberries are my absolute favorite berries. ❤ (Thanks, Mr. Kuch…) 🙂

I think I’m going to include that piece on my About page.

In the meantime, I would like to encourage all new and returning readers on this blog to please, please update your own About page. I have come across promising bloggers who either don’t have an About page, or their About page is out of date, or, in a few cases, the blogger’s gravatar doesn’t even link to their blog.

Make it easy for readers to find you. Go back to a comment you left on someone’s blog and test it. Does it take you where you’re supposed to go?

In the meanwhile, it’s weekend! I have been sitting here writing like a maniac trying to meet a deadline and just realized it’s mid-afternoon and I haven’t eaten since 7 am… I’m about to wither away and die from starvation so off I go.

See you in the comments. Or in the About pages. 😉

19 thoughts on “Revamping the About page

  1. Good job on the About page! I especially like your promise of reclaiming your life (“but it will again, you just wait…”). I update mine pretty regularly, so it’s accurate at the moment.

    Dark chocolate FTW always!

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  2. I really should take another look at my about page. I’ve tinkered with it occasionally over the years but I really should go back and rewrite it properly one of these days.

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  3. I leaving a comment because one: I’ve never heard of an gravatar and I’m overjoyed someone reviewed your blog with such grace and style! That’s such an amazing way to validate the work of a writer! Bravo! C

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    1. Thank you so much!

      The gravatar thing confuses me too. Sometimes, if you click on the picture/icon of a blogger who left a comment, you’re taken to a gravatar page which should list their blog but doesn’t always. Maybe an IT person can explain it better…

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