For the record…

…they ate all the Mexican beef last night while I returned to the porch with my spritzer for a bit.

“…making love to his tonic and gin…” (Billy Joel, Piano Man)

I returned 15 minutes later to find the crock empty. Some, not all of the dishes, were in the dishwasher. And one of them picked out all the corn niblets and left them on the plate.


Oh well. My quarantine body can handle a night off from dinner. But not cheese. I had cheese earlier when I prepped the Mexican beef… 😊

Today is hot and sunny. I am sitting outside nursing my final cup of coffee. Later, me and the kids will head to my parents for a visit. Until then…I may do some laundry and banking. Nothing too strenuous what with my weakened, dinner-less state currently. 😉

15 thoughts on “For the record…

    1. lol…in their defense, I left to go finish my spritzer. We didn’t have a standard sit-down dinner last night. Some of us had been working all day, some of us were out all day, it was more a casual, buffet-style thing. But yes, they did. And it’s ok…

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