Conversation with tween girl aka parenting is funny

Her, interrupting my quiet time aka wine time: What time is it? I’m hungry.

Me, sitting outside on back porch sipping a spritzer: March yourself into the house and check the 7 million digital clocks on every device or appliance.

Her, reaching for my turned-upside-down phone: I’ll just check your phone.

Me, preventing her from reaching my phone: Do. Not. Touch. My. Phone.

(I had just received a funny but inappropriate picture from a friend as a joke.)

Her, giggling: But I wanna know what time it is!

Me, trying to balance my wine while she’s rolling on me: Not with my phone.

Her: But…what’s for dinner?

Me: Whatever you’re making. (Although I was reheating Mexican beef I froze into portions from the weekend which she saw me puttering with earlier.)

Her, stealing my fuzzy slippers: I’m hungry! … Can we have nachos?

Me: Sure. Go grate some cheese.

Her, giggling and still rolling on me: Do we have any cheese?

Me: March yourself into the kitchen, open the fridge, look inside the cheese drawer…(rolling my eyes)

Now she’s collapsing into a fit of giggles wearing my slippers.

Her: I don’t know hoooowwww…!

Me, remembering I bought shredded TexMex cheese a couple of days ago: Wait! March yourself into the garage and get the bagged cheese from that fridge…

Her, keeping my indoor slippers on and starting her trek across the dirt that is our lawn right now (we’re re-sodding shortly): Ok.

Me, pulling her back: Leave my slippers here!

Somehow she managed to get to the garage across the dirt in bare feet and came back with a bag of cheese and a bottle of fizzy lemonade and went inside.

Note to self: get her to sweep after dinner.

I’m still sitting on my chair. The beef is in the crockpot, the nachos in the cupboard, she has the cheese…I see no reason at all why I should get up.

Do you? 😉

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