Prevaling introversion

I remember now why I evolved into introversion over the years:

I don’t want to witness, be surrounded, or entertained by idiocy. 😳

It’s been a week. But, I’m happy the sun is out, this has had a positive effect on my psyche. I did some gardening, some re-planting existing plants, some dividing, some lawn-mowing, some dirt shoveling, all of which reminisces to long-ago bootcamp soreness.

Tells me as well that I am out of shape.

But the time has come to take the bikes out. I think the kids went yesterday and navigated one of the many bike trails through one of the parks nearby…maybe I’ll go with them next time.

There is much happening and much not happening. But a realization has smacked me upside the head, despite a lingering hope that a somewhat modified normal will return shortly:

The new normal is neither new, nor normal, and always evolving.

We are at the beck and call of conflicting politicians who may or may not follow their own advice.

Some of them are cringe-worthy to listen to (not the orange one, he belongs to another country and doesn’t dictate to me) but frankly, if you’re introverted like me, none of it matters because you’re just staying home anyway.

But I’m a little sick of this lock-down. I’m suffering from a little too much familial togetherness… 😢 Sure would because nice if other inmates would leave a little more often…and not when I’m out grocery shopping. Go out when I’m home. Sheesh. πŸ™„

My partner started teaching the summer semester to full class loads this week. He will be really busy since they do compressed courses through May and June. He’s on vacation July and August but I have no idea what summer will look like this year: will campsites be open? Will pools?

The province also announced the kids won’t be returning to school this year. The plan is to open schools in September again, but with post-secondary institutions already planning for a remote fall semester, I don’t know how this will work for the kids. I bet the virus will hit again with the return of the cool weather…

Anyway, we’ll have a puppy by then so life at casa WoW will continue with its lunacy. πŸ˜ƒ

It’s Friday today. How is everyone spending their weekend?

26 thoughts on “Prevaling introversion

  1. We’re in the middle of a four day weekend here. Barbecue on Thursday and, because it was raining a bit, we stayed in yesterday with Pizza and Johnny English.

    It should be brightening up again today which means another long walk (for me, at least) and another barbecue.

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    1. We have the first dry stretch of the year this week. Since Wed. Going strong right through the weekend. All I can say is, better stay up, sun, because I NEED to be outside in the Vitamin D. πŸ™‚


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  2. The new normal. I heard that phrase from some politicians. I sincerely reject the phrase that induces conformism.
    The new normal is not normal, completely according to you.

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  3. I built and tweeking a back porch roof. Then Cupcake and I will be going over Saturday to celebrate my son’s birthday. The Little clone is getting close to 40, and if you listen really well on a clear night, you can hear my hair turning grayer, and grayer.

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  4. Working on the garden. Tomatoes in, noe I have to plan the space for the direct seed vegies. Oh, and some beekeeping chores as well, before next weeks rains. (Bees are grumpy in the rain.)

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  5. It’s interesting how the pandemic has affected people so differently, based on their location and personal circumstances. You probably don’t want to hear this, but I have had more alone time the past couple of months than I have in years. Things would be a lot different if my kids were younger and still living with us, of course.

    Also, we have a camping reservation in just a few weeks. I’m looking forward to that!

    As for this weekend, we’re finally going to be planting our garden. I’m already tired and sore just thinking about it.

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  6. We are having a VERY QUIET weekend. Or at least, I hope we are. I just got the bikes out this morning, and went on an epic ride with our youngest. Along way way I was kind of stunned to see how many idiots are taking no notice of the pandemic any more. The second spike is on it’s way…

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  7. i took a 4 day weekend here in the US we are off Monday for Memorial Day. Working again after a month off has really sucked, hence why i took off today as well. Being that we’re still in lockdown, my wife and might bend the rules and just take a drive to nowhere tomorrow. i really miss going to museums more than anything, always found further inspiration from those visits. i will be creating this 4 day weekend πŸ™‚

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  8. I want to get outside, which I haven’t done in forever it seems. I’ve been watching the ivy plants creep along the fence between my building and the neighbors yard. Clearly I do not own this place, but that damn ivy is encroaching on all the pretty plants that I like to look at in spring/summer. I’m thinking I’ll go out and rip out some green invaders. I know the landlords will have no idea, or perhaps just believe the gardeners finally did their job.

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