Fed up

Earlier today I texted a friend that I had a list and I was going to be productive and get things done. After all, it was raining, gloomy and cold; what better time to stay indoors and get some chores tackled?

My friend checked in with me a few hours later assuming, incorrectly, that I had accomplished at least some of the tasks.

He was, of course, wrong.

Mostly I just did the bills.

“working” while chatting with a GF in Germany…

This took longer than I anticipated. Also, government bill setups are a pain in the ass. So many stupid steps to go through…

Anyway, that’s my excuse. I’m not done because I got confused after a while and then, family kept coming in and doing stuff like talking and it was disruptive so I took a break and cooked soup.

Then I ate salad with chicken.

After they left (wherever I don’t care) I went to put something away in a drawer and saw they didn’t stack stuff the way I patiently explained a million times which is why the overflow was put elsewhere where it didn’t belong and it just makes my whole kitchen more confusing than it has to be so I re-stacked the glass containers and one of them broke.

This launched a whole big thing with the male members of this family but I’ll spare you.

In addition, they dumped ALL of their lunch dishes on top of the EMPTY dishwasher. I just… Is it rocket science? Is it me? Am I the servant around here? Is that how they see me?


So I yelled a little and they said they ‘forgot’ at which point I proclaimed that that expression is effectively banned immediately and anyway, the men folk went back to their basement and the girl into her craft corner.

That’s when I ate chocolate. 🙄

I don’t give a damn.

Since then, I’ve been sitting here staring at the paperwork that still requires moving from the old account to the new account. I’m thinking maybe I’ll leave it and do more tomorrow.

I mean, the utility companies are gonna chase us if we don’t pay, right?


At 4 pm my girl wanted to be driven over to her friend’s house to sit at the standard distance apart with her for half an hour. It was the friend’s birthday. All the girls are turning 13 this year…which is kind of a big deal, if you’re a tween girl, right?

Given the absolute crappy weather on the kick-off to summer long weekend here in Canada, I had to drive her and not bike over with her. This sucks royally. I mean, we’ve been waiting forever to go cycling again, and she even got a new/used bike recently (outgrew the old one) but it wasn’t meant to be.

But it will be.

Sunny and dry weather starting tomorrow for the entire week.

I hope it improves my mood.

I’m sitting here now moaning about all the perceived misery in my life thinking back to my list. I was supposed to clear out the kids’ closets and get rid of the winter stuff. I didn’t do that. I was supposed to also start a new health trend (stop the flour/sugar/chocolate) but alas, I didn’t. Instead, while I waited to go get the girl child again, I whipped up a batch of fresh rhubarb and strawberry compote (we have rhubarb in the garden) and made scones. Well, I made the dough. It’s in the fridge. I needs to bake but I can’t leave the house with scones in the oven so that’s gonna happen when she comes back.

The scones are going to taste full of flour, butter and sweet compote which is going to be the exact wrong thing for me tonight.

Maybe I’ll have a brandy with it. 🙃

Tomorrow is a new day. Right?

Bah humbug.

25 thoughts on “Fed up

  1. I feel you, some days I feel like superwoman and some days I feel like the grandparents from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory! Especially the first few weeks of this pandemic, it was so difficult for me to focus and find a groove!

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  2. The dishwasher thing made me laugh. I regularly empty the dishwasher just before I go to bed. It makes no difference – the next morning there will be stuff stacked above it on the counter. The same goes for recycling – there is a bin JUST outside the front door. No. They leave it next to the sink (with their dirty dishes). It drives me insane.

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  3. You are a fantastic writer. Your post is very funny and relatable. I haven’t read your bio yet, but I’m guessing you have a few books under your belt (or will some day).
    Now let me take one of those scones of your hands. 😁

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  4. We all have days like that, I have been feeling a bit restless lately with the quarantine. Can’t really go out much during the day, as it’s so busy outside, so I have to find ways of occupying myself indoors. The scones do sound heavenly though.

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  5. Fresh scones and brandy sounds like a perfect day to end a day like that.

    There are days when I wake up thinking I am going to get a load of stuff done. It never works out like that, though, and by the end of the day “getting stuff done” has become “reschedule all of the non-urgent stuff until later”. Life always gets in the way.

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  6. I understand your situation. Scattered thinking is a heavy burden. Reproaching yourself is part of that burden.
    Sometimes it is healing to let the disgust flow by eating chocolate and then calmly resume the task.

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  7. Oh, my. Poor thing. The garden rhubarb & strawberry compote is worth the effort and calories. I’d suggest lowering expectations on the domestic front, but I fear you’re close to bottoming out with the male folk and not in the mood for negotiating with them. Demand a plea bargain and go up from there.

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  8. I really feel for you. It’s so hard to concentrate on anything with so much going on around you. What I never understand is how some days they help and some days they just forget. Every day we need to try and be on top of it otherwise it’s chaos. Hope things improve for you including the weather. Take care

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