A surprise adventure (part 2)

Continuation of A surprise adventure (part 1)

By the time I returned from the other side of the neighbourhood with the kidnapped dog at about 9:15 am, my house smelled like bacon.

Then I saw the teenager at the table eating breakfast. My eyes almost fell out of my head… πŸ˜„

He’s up! At what he calls the crack of dawn!

Let this be a lesson to you:

Bacon wakes the dead. And, apparently, teenage boys too. πŸ˜‚

Looks like his dad made bacon and eggs for breakfast while I was out kidnapping. And it worked, because it has been weeks since that boy had graced us with his presence prior to any time designated as breakfast time…

I had told the kids last night that I wanted to leave the house with the dog prior to 9:30 am to give their dad plenty of time to get ready to teach his remote class for a flight school. He had to start at 10:00 am and given we live in a small house, it’s just easier when less people are around while all this zoom learning/teaching is going on.

Quickly, I prepped some food to bring along to my parents’ place, packed a few odds and ends into the car, counted 2 children and 1 dog, and was about to pull out of the driveway when a kid forgot their earbuds.

Long story short, we left a few minutes after 9:30 which really is a miracle in itself.

25 minutes later we arrived at my parents place and surprised them with our furry little Schnoodle. 😊

The visit was a success. My parents were thrilled with the diversion, especially my dad. He is quite frail now so he sat in his comfy chair, with pillows and blankets and all his various necessities nearby when Molly immediately stood up against his chair and begged for her treat.

Because she knows my dad is never without dog treats. πŸ™ƒ

He made her sit first which she’s more than happy, and willing, to do for the sake of a tasty liver treat. Or three. Or five… 😳

Later, mom came into the kitchen where I was prepping some lunch and said “they’re doing a French lesson”. You see, my dad speaks five languages fluently, four of which he was using either regularly or semi-regularly when he was working as a tour guide part-time/seasonally for many years. French is a language he grew up with as a boy, and so my kids, who are in French Immersion, benefit having access to the spoken part of the language with their grandfather. Especially these days…distance learning over google classroom hasn’t given them much opportunity to speak French to anyone.

I didn’t witness the lesson myself, but from what I understood, they sat the standard 2 meters apart from him and one kid pointed to some item in the room and said “qu’est-ce que c’est?” (what is this) while the other had to name the item in French. My dad would then correct them if necessary, or clarify their pronunciation.

They couldn’t remember the term for curtains. (When mom told me that I thought back to my own vocabulary knowledge and couldn’t remember either.) πŸ™„

(It’s rideaux.)

All in all it was a nice day. The children got to leave their house and go somewhere, we had the dog with us for the first time in two months, and my parents were able to be grandparents for a few hours (despite the physical distancing protocols).

Shelter-in-place restrictions are being gradually lifted here in the Greater Toronto Area, and I hope/believe the majority of us will obey the rules and use common sense while attempting to get some sort of quality of life back. If/when the weather gods finally decide to allow summer weather into our region, I suspect us weary Canadians will emerge en masse, but hopefully physically distanced, to play in the sunshine.

Baby steps, I guess.

It’s Long Weekend here in πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦!

Happy Saturday.

20 thoughts on “A surprise adventure (part 2)

  1. Life is almost back to normal here but with social distancing still the same. My freelance work is crazy busy, which is such a relief – especially as Australia announced today we are in recession. Duh – along with the rest of the western world I guess.

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  2. Bacon will surely wake young men from sound sleep! I know that from experience! LOL. Your Dad speaks 5 languages! How utterly awesome! I speak 2 fluently and the two others I know, I don’t practice so I’ve forgotten much of what I learned. You have to stay in practice in order to keep the languages.

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    1. I get that. My parents speak Italian with each other and I understand every word, but my own speaking is…choppy. Same with French. But I am still fluent with German. πŸ˜‰


      1. That’s so amazing! I wanted to teach my kids to be bilingual but the (now ex) husband wasn’t as inclined so it was hard when he didn’t really speak anything other than English. Now of course the kids wish I had just taught them Spanish when they were little, but I didn’t. They want to have Spanish only hours for the last few weeks of this quarantine which I’d love to do so we’ll see how it goes…
        I can only sing drinking songs in German (LOL) and the French and Portuguese are very rusty. Not sure if I even went back to France or Portugal (or even Brazil) if I’d pick it up again. But I’d like to try it one day if/when we can travel internationally again…

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      2. It does come back when you have no choice. I was in Switzerland last summer, the Italian (southern) part, and the only one in my family who knew some of the language…it comes back quickly. πŸ™‚


  3. That’s a wonderful story. But it is weird that you needed the French word for curtains. Yesterday, (as I was sewing up masks) it came to me that I could easily whip up some curtains…and I scoured my mind for the French…coming up blank.

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  4. My heart is bursting! I’m so pleased your plan was well received AND brought such love and joy! Your kids, folks, and neighbors (including Molly) are all blessed to have you ❀
    P.S. bacon is the food of the Gods

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  5. Here’s a list of things that wake me from a sound sleep:

    1. Bacon
    2. Thunder
    3. Earthquake
    4. (REDACTED)

    So, yes…your teen is perfectly healthy and normal. Glad you had a nice visit and were able to get out of the house for a change. Our long weekend is next weekend.

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  6. Mmm… Bacon πŸ˜‰

    Sounds like you had a great day. I think we’ve all had enough of being locked down by now — it’s good to see that restrictions are starting to be lifted and here’s hoping we can return to some semblance of normality by the end of summer.

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      1. Yes, schools are reopening on Monday, but not for all age groups. My three are still schooling from home for now but, we’re getting there…

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