The She Shed dream

I was driving with my daughter in the passenger seat yesterday when I saw it.

My She Shed exists!

Sadly, it belongs to someone else, but it doesn’t matter. I now have a concrete picture in my head of how my She Shed will look once I find someone who will build it for me.

When I saw it I had the girl child snap some photos of it. Then, I turned around and drove by it again for more shots. Isn’t it cute! πŸ™‚

I guess the ramp means they’re storing a lawnmower or snowblower in there, which is such a waste if you ask me.

The one change I would make though is install slightly bigger windows. I love natural light, which is why I rarely spend time in any basement.

But unfortunately I won’t be getting such a writing shed. Mainly because when we renovated this house, we upgraded the electrical system and the panel is now full. Since I would need electricity in the shed, we would have to install it with its own electrical panel, for which you need a permit, and…

The time it will take for the bureaucrats to get all this organized will probably be years, especially given the current situation, so I think my dream is dead.

Anyway, if you want to answer some or all of the 8 questions on yesterday’s blog post, or read the comments of those bloggers who responded already, click here. I will post my own answers later today for your reading pleasure, and, I will link back to your blog as a token of thanks.

Happy Hump Day. See you in the comments.


34 thoughts on “The She Shed dream

  1. The she shed is gorgeous. And you don’t need power – you just need a laptop that has a good longlife battery. Mine has 6 hours, that’s long enough to take your beverage of choice, knee blanket (for Canadian weather) and lock (to keep the rest of the family out) and then knuckle down to some YOU time πŸ™‚

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  2. My other half wants a shed. If I had one, it would get taken over by everybody else immediately. A bit like the junk room – it’s slowly being taken over, leaving me with nowhere to sit and decompress :/

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  3. I googled hexagonal storage shed and came up with a few good candidates (one with floor to ceiling glass windows) and corner sheds with plans. Seems like a few good possibilities.

    I would like a shed, but I am thinking of trying my hand at some woodworking.

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  4. Maybe, bigger windows and a solar panel/battery. You’re not talking about powering anything other than a few light bulbs and a computer. Might be just enough. For heat, perhaps a little propane stove (or natural gas.) This is doable.

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  5. No man with any level of testosterone would put a lawnmower in that. That is a she-shed, not a storage shed. The ramp could be for a disability. This shed is for potting soil and small trowels and stuff, not bad-ass lawn equipment.

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  6. Your blog post has me feeling inspired. I may have to borrow this idea (and link back to you, of course) for my next Swinged Catting.

    I love my basement, even though it’s dark. You’ve seen the wood paneling! The record collection! The aquarium! All things that probably wouldn’t work in a She Shed…

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  7. Hi !
    Very cute she shed.
    I am a fellow person who loves natural light, and dislikes being in any basement.
    When we moved to the sea we found that our historic house had an outbuilding which used to be used for fishermen to repair their nets.

    We renovated it, and as you say, we got a permit and had an electrician add a separate electrical panel, for light and heat.

    These little buildings are excellent in providing extra space and privacy. πŸ€—

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