Lock-down Sunday – part 2

The Canadian Forces Snowbirds never made it down to my ‘hood. According to the twitter feed that tracks these things, they turned somewhere around the iconic CN Tower downtown, which is east of my little SW corner neighbourhood, and then headed north.


For some reason this highlight that never was really saddened me. Although I had a lovely breakfast (pancakes, bacon, more coffee) and didn’t have to clean up after, I am feeling down and depressed now.

I wish it was warm and sunny, that would really lift my spirits.

Instead, what I ended up doing is plant a couple more egg cartons with seeds, which need to remain indoors at night due to the #PolarVortex that just won’t go away, and purged two places in the main living room area; the bottom part of a side cabinet, and the shelf that my partner uses that was overflowing with clutter. (The girl child’s corner is next, you just wait…)

Well it looks like at least the temperatures are climbing as the week progresses…

I threw out jars. I had so many in that side cabinet and not enough space, and against my better judgement, I tossed all the ones that had no lid into the recycling bin.

Apocalypse be damned. 🙄

Anyway, let’s hope this day improves somewhat. Everyone is quiet doing their own thing, which is usually a decent recipe to write something, but I am completely, totally brain-fried and in less than no mood to write fiction.

There must be something wrong with me.

Perhaps, I will have something a little bit more, um, enthusiastic to write about later.

Enjoy your Sunday, wherever you are. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Lock-down Sunday – part 2

  1. I’m sorry your flyover never flew over. I missed mine last week, too. Oh, well: if you’ve seen one airplane, you’ve seen ’em all, right?

    Our temps are expected to be back to normal by Thursday or Friday. Just gotta get through the next few days!

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  2. Saw the granddaughters today, all of us with masks. We went for a walk then they started complaining that it was too hot. They got dropped off back at their home and I took the grand-dog into the forest. She got tired and laid down, not wanting to get up. I think it’s better if I walk by myself 😉
    Enjoy your day!

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