Lock-down Sunday – part 1

I was sitting outside, bundled in a hoodie and blanket, hoping the sun will diminish those snow-clouds, waiting for the CF Snowbirds to make an appearance.

Photo source: skiesmag.com

They’re flying across the country under Operation Inspiration (#opinspiration), to motivate and entertain Canadians in lock-down. ❀

I heard some rumbling in the sky around me as I typed this, but they haven’t arrived near my ‘hood yet. We live very close to the YYZ airport (about 15 minutes away in nonexistent traffic) which is where they were scheduled to land mid-morning. So, I was anxiously awaiting their thunderous arrival over top my head. πŸ˜ƒ

No one else seemed interested…so I was alone out on my frigid back porch. Although the girl child was inside making pancakes and running outside every time there was a slight airplane-like noise… πŸ’•

This weather is starting to tick me off. I’m tired of being cold. I’ve been cold for 7 months…enough already.

So anyway, this is my current state. Mother’s day in lock-down waiting for planes that haven’t arrived yet while freezing to death. ✈

Maybe I’ll go make myself another coffee…

to be continued…

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