Did someone say brownies?

Yesterday I baked brownies.

When the pan came out of the oven and they cooled sufficiently, I cut them into teeny squares.

Then I ate 6. 😛

Kind of defeats the purpose of cutting them into teeny squares, doesn’t it.

The plate is the size of my hand.


It may interest you to know (or not) that I did not eat all 6 in one sitting. I mean, I’m not a gluttonous pig. I only had 2 (at first).

Oink. 🐷

In fact, I had a couple, and then I was outside and doing major gardening requiring lugging huge cement cinder blocks from here to the back of the shed. Given how completely out of shape I am, this was hard(er) work than usual.

These blocks were buried in my back yard for 40 years. If you google cinder blocks today, and look at an image of some, they do not look like this anymore. They are much thinner, and probably a lot lighter. These ones that I dug out, omg they were so heavy. I really had to pace myself.

Which is why the brownies were such a nice treat. After I had some water, I ate 4 more, along with a nice hot cup of tea.

I did some of this work by myself. I had a little fire going to keep me company, since basement boy was unavailable (PS4 and buddies are much more exciting than mom and cinder blocks), and the basement man and girl child were out doing something somewhere (I don’t know…). But it was ok. The birds were singing, the sun was out, and the guinea pigs were mowing the lawn in their outdoor cage. And I was blissfully alone.

This doesn’t happen very often in lock-down during global pandemics.

Anyway, after a while, the girl child came back from wherever and she started helping me, just because she could. She likes pitching in and doing stuff.

Before long, there was three of us when her dad joined the activities. We freed the space between where the lawn should end and the garden used to be from those irritating cinder blocks that were cracked, full of weeds, and crawling with icky bugs.

Now we have space at the back of our little yard for some vegetable beds.

Just in time for snow in the forecast. Because… Canada. SHEESH.

Last night though, I slept better than most other nights since this stupid lock-down began. This is what happens when you expose yourself to fresh air and physical labour, your sleep improves.

Despite pigging out on brownies. 🙂

PS They’re gone now, the little chocolate treats. When I got back from a trip to my parents earlier today, I noticed there were two left. So I ate them.

Go ahead and judge me all you want. 🐽

Made it through Hump Day…hope you did too. 🌞

23 thoughts on “Did someone say brownies?

  1. Brownies made an appearance here, too. I didn’t cut them small, but I did, immediately freeze half. Just to slow it down. And, as if brownies wasn’t enough, I bought ice cream and fresh raspberries and made a raspberry coulis. Good thing I froze half, eh?

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  2. Seeing as how I spent my entire lunch hour today mowing the lawn, I might just have to look into getting some guinea pigs myself. Also, I should talk Tara into making brownies. I’m-a just going to copy everything you’re doing if that’s okay (minus the cinder blocks).

    Liked by 1 person

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