Here are some lists*

*Feel free to play along

Favorite things to do during lock-down

  1. Eat cheese
  2. Hide snacks from family
  3. Compare the weather with everyone in my phone and complain how much worse my weather is to yours
  4. Not wear a bra
  5. Not having to keep a strict schedule

Least favorite thing to do in lock-down

  1. Wear pants with zippers
  2. Colour hair
  3. Cook with root or frozen vegetables every single day
  4. Rely on carbs for snacks and meals
  5. Shopping

Things that annoy me endlessly

  1. Grey roots a week after I colour my hair
  2. Running out of cheese
  3. Ill-fitting pants
  4. When family puts stuff away in locations that makes no logical sense
  5. When I can’t find the bike pump/spatula/my hair brush/gardening trowel/hammer/yellow screw driver/masking tape/my phone charger/my little jar of pens and 17k other items because of point above

What I look forward to when restrictions begin to be lifted

  1. An empty house, even if it’s just for a couple of hours
  2. The ability to think an entire thought from beginning to end without a verbal interruption
  3. The ability to write a whole chapter in complete silence
  4. Cheese
  5. Bootcamp

Things that worry me (the selfish version)

  1. That we will be out of coffee soon
  2. That the supply chain importing coffee will be interrupted
  3. That coffee prices will quadruple
  4. How I will navigate adding a puppy into this house just before the weather will turn cold again
  5. That I will lose my mind if lock-down continues for much longer

19 thoughts on “Here are some lists*

  1. Oddly enough, the thing I’m really starting to look forward to is commuting again.

    It’s nice that working from home means I have more time to spend with the kids, but it’s endless. The prospect of sitting on a train, uninterrupted, for a whole forty minutes, is sounding increasingly appealing.

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      1. Public transport here has returned to normal schedules, but we are still expected to work from home if we’re able to.

        It’s going to be summer — art the earliest — before I can start commuting again.

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  2. I pretty much identify with everything on your list especially hiding snacks and the constant worry that we may run out of coffee๐Ÿ˜ข

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    1. My dad is ill. My mom is his caregiver. He did not get great treatment in hospital. I will not be the one to carry this virus into his home and make him or my mom ill.

      So nope. Not an option for me to ignore the protocols, even if I am an asymptomatic carrier.


  3. I can’t tell which you like more: cheese or coffee. Looks like a toss-up. Probably would be for me, too (though if I broke it down into the one thing I could not live without, the nod goes to coffee).

    I have to point out that sometimes, my weather has been worse in comparison to yours.

    I also want to play with you. I mean, along with you. Maybe I’ll steal this for a future blog post idea.

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    1. A. Coffee is a morning thing for me. Cheese can happen in the morning and all day…but if I had to give up one, I could, if I absolutely must, have tea instead of coffee. I wouldn’t like it, but it would be fine.

      B. Blah to the weather. I mean, it’s so nice and sunny out but I froze to death when I just went to get some seedlings moved.

      C. Playing is fun! ๐Ÿ˜›

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  4. I want to play…
    1. Complain about my boss **
    2. Clean my house because I’m THAT bored.
    3. The company I work for.
    4. Not having to isolate my work clothes, and of course hugging my granddaughters.
    5. That this really won’t be over for a long, long time yet.

    **Cheese is high up on the list for sure, as is iced coffee, as is jalapeno/artichoke/parmesan dip and pretzels


  5. Ok. Iโ€™m giving you one per category….
    A. Read
    B. Be quiet during day
    C. Wearing a mask to throw out garbage, get mail and do laundry
    D. Pedicure
    E. My daughter and husband continuing to telecommute

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