Tightening the reins

I found a picture of myself as a child holding a Beagle.

That’s Snoopy from Charlie Brown. I did not know this (never heard of Charlie Brown while growing up in Switzerland). I called the stuffed dog Hundli (diminutive of Hund, which is the German word for dog).

I’m about 6 in this picture. (My bangs are kind of choppy…) πŸ™‚

Anyway. I’m going someplace with this…

Since the last time I posted about getting a dog at the beginning of lock-down, the husband and the girl child have searched high and low for a puppy, or at most a young dog, to bring into this house. (I would have preferred an older dog which was happy to walk regularly but maybe not bounce off the walls…)

They did not find one. I mean, they found many, but none that were available.

It appears everyone is adopting dogs while quarantined.

They were in contact with breeders and humane societies, kijiji and rescue organizations, you name it. Each time they found a possibility, the dog was already spoken for.

(At one point I actually thought, maybe the planets are lined up in my favour?)

But they didn’t give up.

The girl fell in and out of love every day, first with Beagles, then Hounds, and inevitably started looking at Labs, Retrievers, Rottweilers…

Even St. Bernhards.


Here was my reaction:

Too big! Too much shedding! Too much drool! Too much everything! This house is not big enough! 😳😭

Finally a few days ago they found a reliable breeder of Beagles and Hounds, and there is to be a Beagle litter in June, and the pups will be ready for adoption in late August, and they communicated via phone and email, and they submitted a deposit, and they check out as reputable and certified, and… (help me).

It’s official: We are getting a puppy. A Beagle puppy. In August-ish. 😳

I have so much to analyze and process over this, but I’ll stop myselfΒ  before it gets out of hand. I will only say this: the leash is tightening around my neck when I was hoping the opposite would happen. I was ready to leave the house more, not less, and by myself, not with kids and dogs, and go places that weren’t associated with youth sports so much…

Sorry, I digressed.

But I have come to realize we live in a new reality. Coronavirus has impacted our regular lifestyle, and the youth sports component is currently non-existent.Β  If/when it comes back I anticipate the activities to be restricted in terms of time commitment, and especially with travel and away tournaments…

So maybe, just maybe, the time to raise a puppy is now, and maybe not the end of the world?

Or something.

Anyway, I am hopeful it will include a less cluttered house.

Since this puppy thing is a reality now, I have zero apprehension in announcing, at elevated volume, supplemented with finger pointing, and placed on repeat, my new standard phrase:

What will a puppy do to your stuff left here? And here? And over there?

Ha. πŸ™„

Anyway. We’re getting a puppy. I don’t know if I should cry, laugh, or commit myself to the nearest loony bin.


44 thoughts on “Tightening the reins

  1. Beagles are great. I know this to be true. You will enjoy having a beagle in the house. The walks will be fun as well. We tend to put our noses in all sorts of places and often we aren’t really listening when it comes to recall or other important instructions. However you will not get a more loyal and happy hound than a Beagle.

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      1. Ha ha! I raised two maniac toddlers to teen age so I feel adequately prepared!

        The puppies are due to be born late June(ish) so we won’t have the new trouble maker in house until the fall.

        I’m also a dog walker and sitter so I’m not unfamiliar with dog shenanigans. πŸ˜‰

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    1. Both my kids were in rep sports year round which made it difficult…now with corona maybe the time is better? We are definitely around more which a puppy needs. πŸ™‚

      Max is a name we are considering. πŸ™‚


  2. Congrats on β€œit wasn’t your decision to get a puppy.” I’ve finished runner-up in that decision-making race a couple times and it always worked out … my first dog as a child was a beagle mix named Pepe. Good dog. I like hounds and in Beagles in particular. My issue is with Charles M. Schulz in creating Snoopy as a predominantly white beagle with black ears.

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  3. Yay! Happiness is a warm puppy! If you don’t know, that’s a book with Snoopy on the cover. I’ve made plenty of bad decisions over the years, but I’ve never regretted getting a puppy! Charlie is really the best decision I’ve made in the last few years.


  4. Puppies really are great, getting a young dog makes them super loyal. It might be a rough transition but you and the kids will love cuddling and playing with the puppy. Just don’t trust a quiet puppy, if they are quiet and you can’t see them just assume that they are destroying something.

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  5. Cute photo of you and snoopy. I must say I am tempted by the cuteness of puppies to own one. I think I would be more tempted to be a co-daddy and own a dog part-time with another family.

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    1. Nice… Our dog Rusty died when the second child was 2. Then youth sports exploded…so we began dog sitting. Happy times without the commitment.

      Maybe it’s time to own again…or so I’ve been told. πŸ˜‰

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  6. Congratulations! I think…?

    My coworkers are pushing me to get a dog. I just don’t think I have it in me. But I’m happy to interact with other peoples’ dogs! And if this helps your kids learn to pick up after themselves, it’s a win/win!

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  7. Had a beagle years ago. They howl you know…like on repeat especially at night in the backyard when every little movement is fair game for hunting. Bailey grew up with the two youngest kids.

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  8. πŸ™‚ A puppy will be good for the children in these anxious stressful times, and they’ll soon learn not to leave possessions laying around because there’ll be teeth marks if they do!!

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