The best and worst part about package delivery

Best part?

I am such a child…

Bubble wrap! 

…if it’s not clear from the picture… 😄

Bonus? It’s warm and sometimes 🌞 today so I get to sit outside for a bit while I pop bubble wrap bubbles.

Worst part?

Bubble wrap is plastic and more plastic is bad.


Since it’s here, the endless bubble wrap that comes twice a week or so in various packages ordered by the Amazon-Shopper-Dude-In-The-Basement, I may as well pop it.

Because…bubble wrap!

Note: my 12yo started it. 😂

It’s quite relaxing, popping those bubbles. Don’t you agree? If you don’t agree then you’re probably lying. 😛

PS I’m feeling better, thank you for your comments. I’m going to stay home and quarantine a little longer, just until I’m completely past the symptoms. I mean, what’s another week after seven (eight? seventeen?) weeks of this? Ugh.


15 thoughts on “The best and worst part about package delivery

  1. You should wrap yourself up in bubble wrap and roll across the yard. That’ll probably have you feeling downright giddy with excitement! (Plus, you’re covered up, so no risk of infecting or being infected by others.)

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