Drama filled day (and night)

So last night I was planning my funeral.

Not really. I’m not that worried. πŸ˜›

It’s actually amazing that I can’t remember the last time I was sick. I may feel under the weather occasionally but most of the time, the culprit is hormones, not viruses or bacteria. πŸ™„

But yesterday throughout the day I kept feeling worse. My morning headache, which is part of my morning routine due to an incorrectly curved upper spine, is usually manageable throughout the day and after some stretching, but the sore throat, swallowing difficulties and a left ear ache was a little unusual.

I immediately worried about my parents. I had been over there a couple of times to assist them in the socially distanced method, and I washed my hands 54 times that day, but still, they are vulnerable and don’t need even a small cold, never mind the coronavirus.

(They do not have coronavirus – my dad was tested in the hospital recently and was negative. It is unlikely I am a carrier of the virus but I don’t know for sure. These are special times we live in.)

Anyway I went to bed at 5 pm last night.

But I couldn’t fall asleep.

So I got up and drank water laced with oregano oil drops and tried again.

Still couldn’t fall asleep. I was uncomfortable, my mind was racing, my throat was sore, and my ear was bugging me.

And that headache wasn’t going away either. It was coming from my neck.

I switched the ergonomic pillow for the water-filled pillow, stripped off the irritating tshirt, turned on the electric blanket, tried to fall asleep again.

Nope, still wasn’t sleeping. This time I had to pee.

Put irritating tshirt back on, went to bathroom, drank more water (without drops), turned off electric blanket, went back to bed.

Turned to the right with a pillow between my legs to keep my spine straigh(ish) and tried to calm my brain. Closed my eyes. Tried not to swallow. Started to relax.

After a while something was bugging me. I opened my eyes and saw a very bright light on the wall a foot and a half away from my face.

They left the hallway light on again.

I waited for a while, but they didn’t turn it off.

So I got up again. Turns out they not only left the hallway light outside of the bedroom on, but also the light in the hallway leading downstairs. That basement stairs hallway is opposite the bedroom door.


The bedroom door was cut wrong if you ask me. The space between the threshold and the bottom of the door is about an inch which is why so much light transmits into my bedroom even with the door closed. For someone with a headache, this is distracting.

Also, if you are me, this is annoying. πŸ˜›

So I got up again, turned off all the lights, slammed the basement door shut, debated if I should pee now or in 20 minutes from now (don’t even ask…), went to the bathroom, went back to bed, and tried to relax again.

By 11 pm, many millions of hours later, I had to get up and take an Advil.

Anyway, after all that drama I finally fell asleep and slept through till 7 am. I feel much better today, although the sore throat and ear ache aren’t gone completely.

For now, I’ll continue to sequester, drink the oregano drops, eat soup and hang around indoors. Because what else can I do? The weather is the pits anyway and there’s no place to go, may as well stay home and [mostly] in bed.

You’re welcome. πŸ™‚


25 thoughts on “Drama filled day (and night)

  1. I think we all wonder and worry. I am thankful to hear you are feeling better today and remaining smart, just in case.

    Like some of the commenters here, I wonder about an illness I had at Christmas with fever, sore throat and a really bad cough that lasted weeks… Stories are coming out in Minnesota now that the virus has been around here much longer than anyone knew. My husband ended up with the same thing I had at Christmas. It’s not often we get sick or pass something along to each other. I didn’t even attend church at Christmas, which tells you something. And we delayed plans to visit our adult kids in Wisconsin. We likely will never know. So, in the meantime, we continue to social distance, wear masks, stay away from our family, etc.

    Be well, Claudette.

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  2. Claudette, I don’t think ear pain is a symptom of COVID, so most likely it’s just a spring cold…..esp if you don’t have a fever. The weather has been so up and down, cold and rainy – Hope you feel better soon!

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  3. The Fact that I got sick in March made me thing nothing of it because I tend to get sick in March, but then my wife wasn’t feeling well and got tested negative (she works as a caregiver) and made me get tested and I tested positive. So here’s hoping it didn’t sneak it’s way into your system, feel better, sleep & drink plenty of fluids and don’t plan your funeral πŸ˜‰

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  4. I got sick in mid-February, which was very unusual for me, too. It had been years since I had a cold. I actually wrote a tongue-in-cheek “maybe it’s coronavirus” blog post long before COVID-19 became a serious (and real) thing. I did have a very annoying cough, but none of the other symptoms, so I’m sure it was just a cold.

    Hope you feel better soon.

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