Too much action not enough coffee

This morning I was awakened with a pat on the back and the word “cars” voiced into my semi-consciousness.

I picked up my phone to check the time: 7:15 am.

I never sleep in. This is late for me.

So I groaned something and sat up, feeling my hair fall into my face. I checked briefly – am I decent enough to walk to the bathroom or do I need to get a robe? (Listen…hot flashes has me taking off and putting stuff back on half the night…ugh.)

I dressed without a shower but did something to my Rapunzel hair (long, not blond) and even applied a bit of eyeliner and mascara. Didn’t want to scare the guys at Nelson’s shop. ๐Ÿ˜‰

We need to switch the winter tires on both cars.

He tried to do it on the weekend, but one of the bolts was rusty and the wheel was stuck, and the little jack we use to hoist up the car on the driveway may or may not withhold some banging…

Anyway. I had one coffee. This is not enough.


I had to put layers on. It’s grey and cold and blah. This is too much action on just one coffee for me. ๐Ÿ˜ถ

When we got there we discovered that the new car (3 years young) needs new brakes. Yay. Gonna be a big bill.

But Nelson and his guys are old-school, trustworthy, professional, nice and decent guys. If they tell us we need new brakes and show us why then so be it.

I noticed while sitting in his shop having a chat he has an Instagram account. So I browsed through there…he’s fun! See for yourself!

Anyway, I’m home now with coffee. Had a long hot shower.

Ready to tackle the day today…what should I do?

  • Plant some indoor seeds?
  • Cook a pot of soup?
  • Make pizza dough?
  • Vacuum the main floor?
  • Sort through the massive amount of clutter in my kid’s craft corner?
  • Write another chapter on any of my WIP?
  • Or…stay in bed and have more coffee?

I’m over it, this lock-down quarantine stuff. Unfortunately things have not leveled off yet here in Toronto so we’re only cautiously optimistic that life can return to some sort of new normal.

Not yet though. But soon.

Stay well, friends.

29 thoughts on “Too much action not enough coffee

  1. There is not a car on the road that does not need a “brake job”, Ask any mechanic, they will tell you. It also needs a tune up, radiator fluid change, alternator belt, gas line purge and engine mounts. Are we up to $1500 yet?

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  2. We are likely not coming out until end of May, at least not entirely but some things are opening slowly or normalizing like construction again, (yay for paychecks) and recreational fishing, (who cares). I’m not sure I’ll know how to act around other people by then…

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    1. I keep wondering how young children, like preschoolers, will become a whole different generation afraid of touch, crowds…ugh.

      Ontario has a plan but no dates yet. They are waiting for cases to show a downturn then implement incremental plans in phases. I approve. In the meantime publicly funded schools remain closed all of May.



  3. Love Nelson’s IG account! I wish more businesses had a sense of humor like that. I follow Black Hills Vinyl locally, and they sell disc golf equipment. Today they posted something about “social DISC-ancing” that I thought was clever.

    Sunny and warm here. Tomorrow will be sunny and hot (mid-80s!).

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    1. Yes. We did need 2 cars with both kids in rep sports so both cars had winter tires that need switching to summer tires.

      In the meantime, one car is basically parked and we only use the other maybe once a week for groceries. or a trip to my parents every few days.

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      1. I would imagine in a city it is hard to have two cars. In our part, we do need a car or a motor bike as public transportation is very slow and spaced wide apart for stores and other places.

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