(In)consequential thoughts during lock-down

My local fruit and vegetable hole-in-the-wall shop where EVERYONE in my ‘hood gets their produce has closed.

It raises questions:

Is that family who runs the store sick? There is no sign, no explanation, no nothing. I would find it hard to believe they went out of business as they continued to have a steady stream of customers since lock-down started in mid March…

I drove by there yesterday since I also needed stuff from the drug store next door and saw it barricaded.

Now I have to go to a ‘store store’ for produce, where covidiots go… (hopefully not too many)

Gonna send the husband with a list. He’s a big guy, and has an aversion to germs even under normal circumstances, so he is an expert at avoiding corona-cooties and those who spread them. He also doesn’t take any crap from anyone (who doesn’t live in his house – hah) so ya, I decided, gonna send him. πŸ™„

(I asked first, I’m not that demanding, and he said yes. Boo.) πŸ˜‰

I did venture into the drug store though.

That store wasn’t completely out of stuff, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many bare shelves. There were trolleys with boxes that were still unpacked, mostly in the baby aisle, perhaps they simply hadn’t had time to unpack the products yet? Or are there staff issues? Maybe the supply chain is beginning to get impacted by this coronavirus.

I don’t know what to think.

The empty shelves that jumped out at me was the hair colour (not surprising), deodorants (?), baby wipes (also not surprising), and some of the food products (junk food is either running out or overpriced which impacts me only because teenagers).


But let’s focus on the good stuff. Some happy things did happen yesterday, besides my moaning about inconsequential stuff this morning.

They still had coffee packages in the drug store. β˜• My brand was sold out and the other brands were not on sale so I didn’t get any because we still have a whole and a half pack at home. But I could have gotten some. πŸ˜„

Yesterday was a sunny, relatively warm day, warm enough for Nugget and Oreo, the resident rodents, to be placed in their outdoor cage for a while, and for me to hang laundry outside. 🌞 Sunshine and warmth always makes me happier.

My teen son said yes immediately when I asked him if he wanted to visit his grandparents with me and his sister. They were so happy to see him and fed them both pie and ice cream and, as we were leaving, handed us 3 bags of kettle chips. (son+chips=bliss)

I have been in prime writing mode. Finding a place in this house to write without interruption continues to be a challenge but I’m getting better at two things: ignoring them, and getting through to them to please not interrupt me when I’m writing in the bedroom with the door closed.

This closed door thing is a phenomenon: cats and dogs do not like closed doors (at least all the ones I’ve had in my life) and will scratch and whine outside until I let them in. Toddlers too…ever tried to go to the bathroom or have a shower with toddlers around and no second supervising adult in the house? Maddening.

But that was a lifetime ago.

Apparently, teenagers and husbands don’t like closed doors either…to this day they come in for any number of non-essential activities and interrupt my train of thought. (The She Shed is still a highly sought-after dream of mine).

But, as I said, I’m slowly adapting to these interruptions and even more slowly getting through to them to leave me alone. In fact, one of them has taken to texting me, which is an acceptable way of communicating when I’m writing. I keep my phone close but the notification sound off and only periodically check when I want to/feel like it, not when it chimes.

It’s not perfect but it’s better than having them parade into the room with their incessant, inconsequential questions like “do we have any butter/eggs/bacon” or “where’s the chips/chocolate” of “what do you want to do for dinner”.

And so continues the ongoing life in lock-down in Toronto. They officially stated that publicly funded school will remain closed until at least May 31, and provincial and city parks/diamonds/playgrounds as well. With the weather getting nicer, this is going to be a tremendous challenge for many people, including us. But we’ll manage. We have, so far…


Stay safe and healthy, wherever you are in the world.

26 thoughts on “(In)consequential thoughts during lock-down

  1. That made me laugh – husbands and teenagers don’t like closed doors πŸ˜‚ Everyone in my house is over 21 and I still rarely get a bath in peace without someone knocking on the door looking for my help/attention 😝

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  2. I second Walmart, but try their pickup. You just pull up and they load your car. I had a 7 am – 8 am pickup window Sunday morning. It was a blessing in disguise. I drove past 50 people waiting for the store to open, my Walmart associate was waiting for me, so I back in and pop the trunk. 30 minutes from the time I left my apt to when I got all my groceries inside. Try their app at various time. It can be fickle with scheduling, and show no appts one day and the next day gives you something within 48 hours. Plus you can get various beauty products and non-grocery items. Good luck!

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  3. Just in time to start prepping for Second Wave, Folks. Just saying … no vaccine = false hope. This isn’t going away because a certain portion of the population hibernated for several weeks. Little more to it than than. Enjoy your Sunday. Blessings. πŸ™

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    1. Agreed. Stand by for my next post in just a few minutes…illuminating new and personal account of a recent development.

      I may have to learn to give up coffee if this supply chain thing will continue to deteriorate. I can, but… 😒

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  4. We’re slowly starting to come out of Lockdown. Shops will start opening on 4th May and the restrictions on outdoor activities will begin to loosen soon, and then schools will start re-opening (slowly) in the middle of next month. It will be interesting to see how well they keep the kids in facemasks.

    Bars and restaurants are (provisionally) going to be re-opening in early June. My partner has threatened to book a table as soon as this is confirmed πŸ˜‰

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      1. Several places are still delivering food, so we’re still managing a weekly pizza. But it will be nice to be able to actually go out for food again.

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  5. Tara said even I’m “getting shaggy,” but then went on to add, “looks cute, though.” I’m not sure she isn’t simply placating me. Luckily, I got a haircut shortly before lockdown. Things would have been a lot direr had this not occurred.

    Weird about the produce store, but the same thing happened with our local Chinese restaurant. Who knows the why behind these decisions.

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    1. “direr”. lol (Is that a word? Or is it “more dire”?) Will have to go jump down the grammar hole and investigate. πŸ˜›

      Actually same for me. My hair is already long but if I don’t get a trim every 2-3 months it gets ‘shaggy’ and unmanageable (it’s quite thick) so I got it cut a day before lockdown. Sheer luck.

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      1. Here ya go, courtesy of ye olde internette:

        Would you use β€œmore dire” or β€œdrier”? adj. comparative form is direr (dir-er), superlative form is direst (dir-est). This adjective is hardly ever used in the comparative form (direr), not because it is incorrect but because it is difficult even for English speakers to pronounce.

        Haha. Agreed! It’s a mouthful. Also, I think you mean “shear” luck under the circumstances! πŸ™‚

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  6. Here in the States, Governors have the say so on what is open and what is closed. The President has very limited authority in this manner. With that said, several Governors have extended the “stay your stupid ass at home, sheep” dictate for an indefinite period. A few have decided enough is enough, and will open this weekend. Fortunately I live in a State with a smart Governor. We will be open for business on 1 May.

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    1. Our premier (provincial) has said the plan is underway to open gradually. I have not followed all the details but would not be upset if certain placed reopened soon, especially outdoor places. You know how hard winter is for us Canucks up there in the North, it sure would be nice to have less restrictions in parks and beaches. Especially the kids who are living in cramped apartments – they need someplace to burn energy.

      We shall see what happens next.

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      1. We did not really close down much, but I really need the barbershops to open back up before I am mistaken for Yedi. The beaches are opening Saturday, I do believe, and just in time as we are hitting 90+ in the Fahrenheit thermometer range.

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      2. The hair/barber shops here are desperately needed too. My partner just ordered clippers…he hates his hair now, and he has meetings and such. My son is complaining about it too – he’s used to really short hair with all the helmet wearing sports he played before (hockey/baseball) and he has my hair (thick and long) which is causing him discomfort now since it’s been two months. We’ll see if he lets me shear him. If I screw up, his hair will have grown back in a few weeks and by then I hope the barbers are back on the job. πŸ™‚

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  7. Barricaded, maybe they got robbed ? Most stores where I live, if you ain’t wearing a mask, they don’t let you enter although lately I’ve been using Walmart’s Grocery delivery service, hell of a lot easier to get a delivery time slot over Giant Grocery. Sure sometimes they make substitutions which makes meal planning hard but my wife hated going grocery shopping with me prior to covid 19, so this is now stress free shopping not to mention someone else has to carry what i buy up to my second floor apartment πŸ˜€

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    1. We have trouble getting slots here in Toronto…I don’t know what the future holds but for now, we do one big shop which lasts us about 3 weeks (staples) and almost but not quite 2 weeks with the fresh stuff.

      I am going to grow spinach and other green things in boxes outside, hoping the wild life won’t get at it. πŸ™‚

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